VLM footy fans

Cos I'm probably a bit sad I might go to this game on the Saturday afternoon. I reckon I've been to 60 plus grounds in England but for various reasons I've never managed to get to The Valley whenever my team have played there.

I think you can get in for £17 then settle down somewhere for the City v United semi final afterwards.

I know this is a long shot but any other VLM'ers going to this?  


  • I'm not, but think it's a grand idea.

    I'm up to 72 (I think) grounds and am always looking for an excuse to visit a new one.

    Should be a good game too

  • Its amazing how many times the Terriers have played away at Charlton the day before LM.

    I ran in the Football Challenge one year for Huddersfield and had great fun on the start line with the guy representing Charlton considering we had won 1-0 at The Valley the previous day! image

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Drat I was hoping to hide this from you...

    We are busy and are not going! image

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