Two stone off!

Running Brighton marathon next year, 15th April, and want to lose some serious weight before then.  Two stone in fact.  Starting this thread to see if any others want to join in (losing any weight) so we can support each other and monitor our progress both weight loss and running.

Then have a bloomin' good blow out at the end of April after Brighton and London!image



  • Hi Green Fairy,

    I'm definitely up for this as I need to lose some weight but injured at the moment so it will be a slow start but if I could shift two stone for next year's VLM that would be great.

    Did you do the Brighton marathon this year as I recall you defering last year?

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    2 stone sounds impressive guys so best of luck. i need to shed a few lbs tht were put on through a period of pretty much no running between nov and march due to a back injury. hoping the 40m ultra on sunday kicks me into gear! il probably start aiming for around half a stone to be what i used to be but maybe an extra couple of lbs wouldnt hurt!!
  • OK GF you're on. I've entered so now I HAVE to shape up, I want to run that course all the way!
  • Mr F - anyone wishing to lose any weight welcome here.  First target is to lose half a stone then 3 more halves!

    JuliaT- Yay!  Knew you couldn't resist!  Just make sure you aren't tempted to walk on the powerstation section to take in the view!image

    Richard B - Didn't run again this year so chomping at the bit for 2012!  Targets don't have to be reached until BM 2012 so plenty of time to lose weight.  Here we hope to motivate each other at any time, whatever their target loss.

  • Hello Green Fairy - can I join in please? I have 5 stone to loose but I'll settle for any weight-loss at the moment! I ran London last year and have gained 3 stone since then mainly due to a series of stressful lifestyle issues where I ran less and ate way too much of the wrong stuff. I'm now back running (ok jogging/plodding) as of yesterday but I'm stumped as to what "diet" to be on. I've cut out the junk for the last 6 weeks and upped the exercise (brisk walking 2 hours a day) but not lost a pound (in fact gained a few lbs) so I'm a bit stumped as to what to do...tried Slimming World and Weight Watchers in the past - great for losing weight but find maintaining the weight loss a battle. Are you following a set diet? Best of luck, anyway.
  • Hi all

    Will apply for London 2012 but if I dont get in will aim for another Marathon in Scotland. In fact 2 stone is what I am aiming for so will join in with this thread !!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    mitiog, im not going to be following any set diet, just reverting back to some good habits! more fresh fruit and veg, lots more water and gteen tea to replace normal tea and coffee. my mum has just lost near two stone on slimming world coupled with lots of walking and.cycling so im sure you can do it, good luck! ive got a mouse mat photo of me aged 21 doing notts marathon as a reminder of just how fit and trim i used to be. 3 kids, awful shift patterns at work and ageing 11yrs has taken its toll so i need to regain that former fitness if possible!! maybe a wedding with free bar this friday is not a good start?!
  • Oh my goodness, I checked my scales today as I thought they were weighing heavy by about 7 lbs but they seem to be telling the truth.  Will get them properly checked tomorrow.  Perhaps I should rename the thread Two and a half stone off!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    oh dear! the wii might be more accurate if you've got one?!
  • Can i join this thread? i'm not looking to run a marathon anytime soon but could really do with shifting some blubber image
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    right. my wife just pointed out my love handles so time for acton! am i on my own people? not been a too unhealthy week post 40m ultra but i want to get rid of a stone. very doable as long as i remain focused!
  • Can I join you?! I want to lose 18lbs and improve my fitness too. Just started back at running in March after 5 months off exercise due to 3 operations. Ate waaaaay too much while convalescing and need to shift the weight I put on and some!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Elizabeth, more the merrier! think a little cheery enthusiasm never did anyone any harm! i feel healthier already, lots of water, herbal teas, fresh fruit and veg and avoiding nasties and unnecessary snacks. not much exercise as its kids holidays but still working shiffs so not too much time left!
  • Hi everyone! Can I join in too? I'm 12 stone and want to get down to under 11.5 but can never manage it. I have been over 15 stone as a pre-runner fatty. My lowest is 11:9. i just can't seem to lose those last few pounds.

    I should mention I have a problem with beer and cake image
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    a man after my own heart Mr Spoons!
    similar to you really, but i want to be 12st.
  • Hello all, this is a welcome coincidence as I was only saying yesterday that I'd like to lose 2 stone before April next year. I'll enter the VLM ballot on Tuesday but will look to get a charity place If I don't get in. Did London last year but in over 5hours30 and to do it in my target time I really need to lose the weight. Will do a WII weigh in shortly....
  • Well, yesterday I ran and ate sensibly, but had 3 pints of beer.

    The reality is, weight loss is easy. You just need to stay focused, excercise a bit ever day and eat sensibly. If you run you don't need to diet properly. Just cut out all the cr*p. I have started weighing myself every morning and posting the numbers onto fetch so I can see a graph or my weight going up and down. Hopefully that will help.

    I did lose some weight training for VLM but I seemed to put most of it back on during the taper and post race binge eating / drinking.

    Today I am 0.8 pounds lighter than yesterday. I am not running today and am going out for dinner so tomorrow may be bad news.
  • Just reading back, Green Fairy, the reality is it doesn't matter if your scales are wrong as long as they are the only scales you use. The calibration don't matter. Any gain or loss will still be accurate.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    no beer for me mr spoons, and given the fantastic bbq weather im being very good! even abstained at the football yesterday afternoon! for me its just bout not snacking and as you say just be sensible wirh your eating along wkth the running. also on holiday at the end of the may so this is all timed very well!

    Mornin Andy! marathons arw certainly made easier with a bit of weight loss. 26.2 miles is a long way to carry a few lbs. good luck, 12mths is a very sensible length of time to change habits, like.most rhebkey will be in remaining focussed!
  • Thanks Mr F, well I weighed in and have lost a couple of lbs over the last month through being a bit careful and not snacking, so my target is 1 stone 12lbs. Was very good at a friends barbecue yesterday, although my nervous pacing at a key football match being held 200 miles away probably helped, along with a very competitive garden cricket match with mates 11 year old son. Enjoy the BH weather everyone....!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    are your team narrowly avoiding the drop Andy?!
  • Just thought I would say good luck to everyone here ! I started running a year ago and have lost 2.5 stone with a few minor diet changes...

    I have also just entered the Brighton Marathon next year as my first ever marathon...
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    wow, good goin Lisa!!

    today has been a very good day. bitesize shredded wheat and skimmed milk for breakfast, mid morning snack of wholemeal ricecakes and natural peanut butter. lunch was tuna and salsa made of red.pepper, black eyed beans, tomato, corriander, olive oil followed by natural greek yogurt and chopped banana. mostly drank green tea and some large glasses of cold water, but 2 cups of fresh coffee. staying clear of Mrs Fs huge stack of easter eggs! 9m run in the morning so will adjust breakfast to cater for that one
  • Excellent stuff Lisa. What's your plan for the pre-marathon training build up? A few half marathons maybe?

    I had a snickers bar this morning and I am about to go out for dinner. Apologies for letting the team down. I also haven't run today although I did do 60 press ups and a few weights. I'll run in the morning.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    its ok mr spoons, nuts are good for you! have a good meal!
  • Hi all,

    Two stones of weight loss is just what I'm aiming for (as it has been for the last year), so would like to join your little group!

    Will get on the scales in the morning to find out my starting point image , ran London last weekend in 5:01 but sure I could do much better not carrying the spare tyre around.


  • Hello popps, you're very welcome and well done on your VLM run, all those elite runners should be made to compete with the tyre to even things out..... Lisa - good for you, Brighton has a great reputation so a sound choice.

    Had a planned Chinese meal last night but was very restrained and had very light meals and no snacks during the day. Good to see that you're all disappearing out for your Sunday morning runs, although not for me as I'm almost but not quite recovered from a chest infection. Desperately hoping to get out soon, half a half marathon on 2nd July and will drive poor MrsW even more crazy if I'm not able to go running soon.

    Mr F - I've seen so many relegation dogfights that I'd used to that, it's the clinging on to the play offs that I'm just not used to..... How were today's runs?
  • Well, weighed in this morning at 12st 9lb, would really like to get down to 11st. Sacrificed the Sunday morning Bacon buttie for a bowl of natural yoghurt and Banana.

    Only been doing two or three mile runs this week due to a slight sore Achilles, to be honest, maybe I should be resting it image

    And please, no more talk about relegation dogfights, I'll get depressed!!!!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    low key 9m this morning, legs still tired from last weeks efforts. still, a loosener and some fresh air. weight is always a strange one isnt it... currently 13.3lbs. however BMI is ok and given my height that might not be a massive weight but 12 1/2 stone would be my target. i guess with me its more a case of toning up, losing the handles and generally losing some fat. so along with the scales il be using my clothes as guide.

    popps, im a sky blues fan. which club do you follow?
  • Mr F - I'm a Hammer, season ticket holder despite living in Derbyshire, so things aren't looking too good at the moment. image

    Checked my BMI which tells me I am officially OVERWEIGHT, no suprises there, being 5' 7" I should be 11st 6lb max.

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