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After reading the aftermath of the weekends races in the heat, i'm getting a little worried about my own Marathon coming up in May (I've heard the last couple of Edinburgh marathons have been scorchers.

I haven't worn a hat before but can see that it sounds like a sensible idea.  Any suggestions or will any old baseball cap do?


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    What Schmunks said. Buffs are fab.
  • I've got a couple of Nike baseball caps made from DriFit type material, I find that normal ones get sweaty and 'orrible pretty quickly. Haven't tried buffs yet but know lots of people who swear by them.

  • buffs are great but if you need a bit more protection some options here 

  • I've been using one of these - very lightweight, well thought out and made to last:

  • Inov8 Summer Heat cap did me running in Majorca last summer - smashing! Buffs also good.
  • buffs are fine but when the sun's hammering down on the bonce you need something a little more reflective and with a visor to keep the sun out of the eyes if you're not wearing shades - white is the best reflective colour

    I have a couple of triathlon caps that do this - very lightweight and with mesh panels to let some heat out. both 2XU brand
  • Thanks everybody.  I'd figured that white headwear would be preferable and had been looking at some of those caps on Wiggle. 

    I'd never thought of using Buffs, I 've already got one of the original ones, but usually use it in the winter/  But looking at the website it looks like they also do ones with Visors and high UV protection image , so that covers a lot of the potential problems.   I guess they could also be quite good at holding  water if soaked in a race too.  Just a bit worried that they might be a bit too warm as I've got quite a thick  head of hair underneath.  I might give it a go with my original and see how I feel with that 

  • Nike dri-fit caps are very good and a run under the tap is enough to clean them. Mine is dry enough to use again a few hours later.
  • Buffs are no more expensive than technical caps in my experience.  I love mine and use them throughout the year whether its to keep my head warm in winter or mop a sweaty face in summer. 

    Nike dri fit caps are brill too though - I loved mine when it was really wet to keep the rain out of my eyes but the kids 'borrowed' it last year!  I like the way the peak tends to bend easily so I can make it fit really nicely.

  • Wiggle delivered an Inov8 Hot Peak cap for me this morning.  Sunday morning's LSR was warm and I've read about the last Edinburgh Marathons being sorchio, so thought it best to start looking now (I do a very good lobster impression).

    I have a stupidly large head, hence going for a large Inov8 over a Gore or Nike.  Anything that claims to be one-size fits all, well, it just doesn't.

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