Race Shoes & Training Shoes

Hiya people,

 I just wanted to know If people have 2 pairs of shoes...

1 for training and 1 for racing?

Alot of the people I train with have 2 pairs of shoes, one pair to do all there training in, something like a Brooks pair to look after there feet and joints etc during the training.

 And then they race in a completely different pair of shoes, the most popular are those light coloured (bright Green or Yellow) and light weighted Saucony Grids..

 I just wanted to gage how many people recommend 2 pairs or think just using the 1 pair is enought..?



  • personal choice really - some do, some don't

    I wear the same shoes for long distance racing and training; different shoes for short distance racing - the difference is the cushioning. I replace when they start to feel knackered.

    go with what you feel and what experience tells you works best
  • I've got a pair of shoes for training and a pair of trail shoes, which got about half as much use as my main shoes. Then a racing pair, which I've only done about 30 miles in yet, I don't imagine they'll need to be replaced for a while. My racing shoes, like my everyday shoes, are Mizuno. Trail shoes are Addidas.

    I have to confess I got my racing shoes because I liked the idea of special kit for race days, nothing else.

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