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Ive got my first 10k in a couple of weeks and im abit nervous having never run a race before and been running for a year or so(tho properly training since feb).Im worried that im going to get tired and if i slow to a fast walk to recover or slow jog then ill get `looked down on` by other runners!

There is a worry that although the race is meant to be fun im worried its going to be competitive and the fun part gets lost! I know its all very negative of me and i keep telling myself that its just about getting round the course but any advice would be appreciated! Tell me all u pros arent as serious and intimidating as u look! Thank you and any advice appreciated!image


  • Jenny, it's natural to be nervous. You'd be surprised how nervous even experienced runners get. One thing is for sure, though: no one will be 'looking down' on you, especially at a fun run. Quite the opposite, in fact: everyone will respect you for doing the event. Of course, you won't be the fastest runner there and (without knowing the full nature of what you're doing) it's likely there will be some very fast people doing the event. But pay them no mind. There will also be some people, I'm sure, with all the 'right gear' (whatever that is) who finish maybe slightly ahead of you, about level with you or behind you. To my mind, the only gear that's 'right' is the running shoes - it's worth spending money on those. All the rest is really up to you. We also don't know how much training you've done, if any. Bear in mind that the temptation is always to start too fast as you see others speed off. Rein yourself in and take it easy, assessing how you feel every so often - whether you need to slow down or even stop, or if you can up the pace ever so slightly without killing yourself. Listen to what your body tells you. And if it's a fun run, there'll be people there encouraging you. Just be determined to enjoy it and all will be well. Good luck.
  • Jenny - ditto to all Peter's comments. We've all been there, nervous first race etc. Every race I've been in, there's been people faster, people slower, chatty people, competitive 'serious' people & even those just out for a laugh.

    Look out for the most used oldest kit - that's probably the winner. Latest fashion gear? Soon behind you. And the "serious and intimidating pros" ... they're just as nervous as you about the next 6 and bit miles and trying to hide it.

    Advice - just do your own thing & enjoy it.
    Smile at any photographers (even if it kills you, it will look a lot better in the photo later)
    Quick words of thanks or banter as you run past marshalls or supporters.

    You'll have something to talk about for ages.
    And looking forward -  you'll have a real target PB to beat next time.

     Good luck ... where is it? and come back and let us know how you got on.

  • Jenny - I'm a slow runner so I'm always at the back of the pack when I race. I've seen people walking in every race I've taken part in, it's not unusual, no one will look down on you. I'd suggest you stay to the left hand side of the road or track where you're running, this will give anyone who wants to overtake you some space.

    Good luck, enjoy it! The buzz you get finishing your first race is incredible.
  • Hi. Im running my first 10K soon as well so i know how your thinking. As others have said, the run is your challenge, nobody else's, so enjoy it, good luck with the training.
  • Enjoy the 'team spirit' of everybody running together and try not to worry about time/speed/gear or being watched... Good on you for signing up! image
  • Thanks soooooooo much for your advice guys really appreciate itimageIts the Kirkby moorside 10k in north yorkshire.My chosen charity is MIND a mental health charity,and seen as this charity and  running has helped lift me out of many  a depressive episode i thought it would be good to give something backimage

    Love this site and love the forums thanks again guys! will keep ya posted!!xxx

  • I've been having the same worries as I'm doing my first race in May. Thanks for the positive comments!

     Well done, Jenny, that's a great charity to raise money for.

  • goodluck with your race Jenny.  Do let us know how you get on x

    My first ever race is on the 15th may, the great manchester run.  Thats a 10k but people have said there's a complete mixture of people there and some will even be walking so i'm trying not to stress, but i'm sure i'll be nervous on the day. 

    As yet i've not even run 10k in training, got up to 5miles so getting nearer, but i am still ever so slow.  I only started running in january.   Someone reminded me that whatever time i achieve it will be a new personal best image and i'm running for charity too, and i raise the money as long as i make it around thats either walking or running.

     My daughters make me laugh though they seem to think i'm going to win, and do not understand the concept of not racing to win.  so funny when i come back in from a training run and they give me a big hug and say i'm going to win coz i'm practicing so much. lol!

  • To add something, I'm always more impressed by new runners who accept a challenge such as a 5k or 10k than by the fast runners (though they are impressive too). It takes some guts to do it, so well done all.
  • jenny jones 7 wrote (see)

    Im worried that im going to get tired and if i slow to a fast walk to recover or slow jog then ill get `looked down on` by other runners!

    The only runners looking down on you will be the really tall ones!

    jenny jones 7 wrote (see)

    Tell me all u pros arent as serious and intimidating as u look!

    I ran a 5k at the weekend where there were a fair few runners who looked young, lean and fit. Mrs CB made the point that if she had to predict an order based on looks, then I wouldn't make the top 10. I came 5th, and a tiny 12 year old lad came 7th. Looks aren't everything. I keep going for "first with moobs" at all my races!

    Enjoy the training.image

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