marathon in autumn?



  • Another vote for Dublin - I am doing this for the second time this year. I did Loch Ness last year - and yes it is kind of hilly (!!!!) and although I prob won't do that one again - it is wonderful and I am really glad I did it. Gorgeous, really nice atmosphere and the hills aren't THAT bad so long as you don't forget to train for them.

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    Amsterdam in October? Did Dublin last year and it was good. With cheap flight and cheap hotel for one night just as cheap for me to do Amsterdam as travel to say Liverpool. Heard it was quite flat too!
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    Chester in October
  • Alpes-Maritimes for me. Once I can get my doctor to sign off the medical cert the Frenchies need
  • Amsterdam 2011 was a fabulous event.  Well organised and as a bonus, we totally won the weather lottery.  I was thinking about doing it again this year but my October slot is definitely going to the Preston Guild marathon.  As a kid, I remember the local phrase was "Once in a Preston Guild" rather than "Once in a blue moon" or whatever.
  • Frankfurt on the 28th October. Hotels are cheap, the course if flat and you finish indoors on a red carpet with cheerleaders, dry ice and strobe lights image

  • I did Dublin 2011 and would definately rate it. Run on a Bank Holiday Monday, great organisation, fantastic support even when the heavens opened up during the race. There was an ASICS technical shirt  last year in the goody bag which is still serving me well. A couple of slight inclines and one short but testing climb around the 20 mile mark but nothing too serious. If like last year there will be pacers supplied too. I would definately run Dublin again but have opted for the flater Amsterdam this year. The years are catching me up and am still seeking that sub 3.30 marathon which has eluded me thus far. Have to say glad I booked it as I have since seen the the Palma Del Mallorca on the same day as Amsterdam and despite it being cheaper overall than going to Amsterdam it would also have drawn me as I have run there a few times and have really enjoyed it.

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    Did it as my first in 2010 & just about to sign up for this year.  Have an inkling that it's at the start of school half term (Oct 29th).

    Has a Dublin Marathon 2012 forum thread been started yet? - can't seem to find a link

  • interesting thread
  • I want  to do the Venice marathon in Oct - I know very little about the race but I want to visit Venice!

    More likely though I will run the Leicester marathon. I've done it twice and would highly recommend it.


  • A lady at my running club last night reccommended the Budapest marathon - has the feel of a good well supported half (like Tunbridge Wells) but with lots of interesting city sights.  Think is on Oct 7 from a quick websearch.................
  • Poznan marathon or Warsaw one in Poland. Warsaw is the biggest and Poznan the best overall but I may be biased as it's my home town. And it's cheap as well.
  • I'm running Frankfurt. I hear it's a flat course with very good PB potential, and there is a laser light finish in a stadium with cheerleaders.
  • Sorry, I didn't see other posters already recommending Frankfurt.

    I DNF'd at Liverpool last year. The late start was absurd, the course was hilly, dull and poorly supported by spectators for the first 14 miles. I have nothing positive to report about the race, though the spectators in the city centre coming out of the tunnel were nice.
  • I'm in for Chicago this year as a first one
  • Timing is everything with Autumn marathons.  Unfortunately, this means I'm left with Luton - plus Kent Coastal in very late Summer.
  • For anyone looking for a marathon in Europe, I would recommend my own website where I have collected loads of European running events. 

  • Eindhoven is very flat and fast and Ryanair does flights from Stansted at sensible times so you don't have to take any days off. Is a whole "day of running" so there are races from just a few kms through a HM in the afternoon to the full marathon (& marathon relay) in the morning.

    That Geoffrey Mutai nearly lapped me there in 2009 image

  • Cat 137 - you are clearly difficult to impress. There were plenty of positive things about Liverpool. Finishing on a World Heritage Site for one!! If I find a flat to downhill event with plenty of things to keep you entertained along the way I'll let you know.

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