Disney 2012

Anyone else signed up yet ?


  • Spoke to the staff from Disney at the London Expo Disney are to announce details of a new run tomorrow
  • I'm in.  Have paid my pennies for the Goofy just need to do that training thing... Please don't let us have the stupidly cold snap in November again this year as that will really snooker the training.

    Have you not seen the Run Disney clues on FB??  I haven't understood any of them but there are some far reaching guesses as to what the race could be.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I'm jealous, wish I could afford to go back again for it. I ran it in 2007 (my first marathon) and 2008, wonderful event. You'll love it. May have just been the affect of running 26.2 miles for the first time but the oranges at the finish seemed like the best oranges in the world.

    If like me you'll hope for a cooler day than I got both times. In 2008 it was really warm on the day of the marathon and nice cool perfect running weather (well for us Northern Europeans) the next day!

  • A womens only race Disney sexist pigs!!
  • Think you forgot the 'nother' after the A there slowfoot... dont forget there's already the Disney Princess HM which is women only.
  • Caz

    Speaking to a friend who works for Disney he tells me that amazingly at last years Princess half 86 men finished image 

  • My hubby and I are all signed upimage

     weve booked our flights ,hotel and post race cruise, wooop,woop, now just have to run my friggin fat butt off

  • You're more organised than me Orlys mum, I've booked the races and the race retreat package but not the flights or hotel... *whistles innocently*  Need to sort my passport out first as its still in my maiden name and I've been married 7 years...
  • Becuase were flying from scotland its all a bit more complicated so wanted it sorted!!

      Im more interested in the cruise

       Get your passport fixed out !!! 7years !! what ya like women?

  • image  I know, I know... 7 years... but we've not really been anywhere.... oh wait, yes we have we've been to Spain & Australia... OK *hangs head in shame* I'll get it sorted.  image

    Mr CS was filling in the Visa thing online and looked at the expiry date of his passport.... May 2011... hahaha we're as bad as each other.  We're off to get the passport photos done this weekend, so that's a ton of slap on my face & hair suitably fluffed... how stupid am I going to feel wandering around dolled up like a clown on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Caz

    As your dolled up get him to take you for a meal afterwards open a bottle a vino and make a day of it image

  • Normally I would, no point letting good make up go to waste and all that... but I've got a half marathon on Sunday so no alkyhol or junk food until afterwards.  My body is a temple and all that twaddle. image
  • Since running Belfast last weekend my body has been a temple of abuse image

    Now time for a beer

  • Funny, lens passport runs out soon after the trip so I he needs to renew that as well, we have it on our todo list for next week,there are hardly any photo booths these days.

    Have a great weekend eveybody, enjoy your race on sunday.

  • Can't decide Bike ort short run.  image

     Have a good weekend 

  • Short run and I'm kanckered image
  • hope you enjoyed your slow run, lucky you, im stuck at work

  • OM

    I did I've got the Stockholm marathon at the end of the month so beginning to ease up after a heavy month

  • FIVE POUNDS!!!  FIVE POUNDS!!!  Bloody photo booths, bleedin' rip off... Don't smile, don't wear glasses, keep looking straight forward, don't have your hair over your face... Just take the bloody picture!!  Am now the proud owner of 5 miserable looking photos. image

    How'd you get on at Stockholm slowfoot??  Hang on, I've just realised... that's 2 marathons quite close together isn't it as I saw on FB that you'd done London as well???

  • Caz

    London/Belfast/Stockholm  over a 5 week period  image

     June the month of rest  image

  • anyone know what the time limit is for the half? i want to do the goofy challenge and i could sell it to my mrs. easier if she could walk the half on the saturday as well but can't find any details as to how quick she'd need to walk.
  • GB

    3 and half hours for half and seven for the full.

    Disney set a 16min mile pace from the time the last person crosses the line which for the half will be about 6am as the main race starts at 5.30 but they have a staggered start

  • cheers
  • Lens pics are the same, like someting out of cell block H
  • I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new passport.

    Well, we decided we'd have a miniature taster of this racing two days on the trot malarky... EMF 10k on Saturday and EMF Half on Sunday.... It might have been easier if I'd actually paid attention to the elevation profile of the 10k... I thought it went around the bottom of Arthurs Seat (Edinburgh)... Oh no it didn't... it went nearly all the way to the top... I had to walk the steepest bit, but it was a power walk and I did overtake some people attempting to run it.  I then managed to knock 10mins off my HM time on Sunday.  Woohoo!!!! image

  • Yay!

    Love the pic BTW, my eeyore has a similar collection of medals.

  • What are the drinks on the course, I'm guessing it's not going to be lucozade lite image  I'll happily tuck gels & sweeties into my Eeyore bumbag/fanny pack *snigger* but would prefer to try in training what is going to be available on the day with regards to the drinks as its probably not a good idea to come through customs with a donut bottle with some white powder in it... (SIS Electrolyte) image

  • Caz

    Its powerade the lemon and lime and cherry. They also give out Clif Bar power shots and gel shots cola, cherry,key lime, apple pie flavours tasters are available at the expo

    There are bananas on both the half and full plus chcolates at mile 23 of the marathon

    Hope this helps

  • Excellent, thanks Slowie... So in theory I could end up waddling across the finish line I've eaten that much on the course. image  Right, I'll try out powerade on my training runs... might not necessarily be the right flavours but I'm guessing they'll all have the same effect on my tummy and if I can't stomach one then it's more than likely going to be the same across the range.  *goes off to google Clif Bar power shots*  Mr CS likes the actual Clif Bars...

    Am getting really excited now... Mr CS was looking on the Disney site the other day and comparing their prices against Virgin... same flights, same hotel, same passes and Disney was a couple of hundred pound cheaper than Virgin and you got some extra bitties through Disney. *rubs hands with glee*

  • Caz

    They do a Clif bar oatmeal and raisin very yummy. Only tried the gels once didn't like them and its Hersheys chcolates at mile 23.

    Sometimes the local running club have an official water stand bewteen miles 20 and 21 sadly it doesn't do water only beer so I would recommend Mr CS trying some Bud light on a training run

    You can get the Lemon lime powerade in the UK.. 

    Haven't done the Disney parks in years (apart from my free entry this year)  as I stay with friends and the parks are pricey by themselves.

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