A marathon in 4:15 (or maybe less)

Someone asked today if I was going to keep my Paris thread going.  I would like to stay in contact with people with a similar aim as I continue in my quest but thought it might be better to have a new thread in case people thought it was still all about Paris.  As I couldn't find any other thread for this sort of time here we go image


  • Hiya - I'll come along for the ride, if you don't mind image
  • Climb on board Frodo image  Any running planned for today?
  • *jumps in*

    Hi, I'm getting far to excited about Sundayimage

  • Go for it Bridget - all my marathons been around that mark and hope not to get any slower just yet. I think you'll have no bother next time around.image

    Have you chosen your next venue yet?

  • HI USB.......image
  • Hi Suze - what's happening on Sunday then? image

    Elspeth - you'll be getting faster, not slower if we can sort out your confidence!

    *waves to seren*

    At the moment I have a nice room booked in Sherborne and we have postponed seeing the MiL for her birthday until a day late but I don't know for definite about the marathon. If all goes well it will North Dorset on May 1st. If not I will have an early anniversary night away and then do Halstead on the 8th.
  • That sounds like a plan.image The north Dorset one sounds nice!
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget wrote (see)
    Climb on board Frodo image  Any running planned for today?

    Thought it wise to put in a rest day after everything that has gone on this last week image

    Back at it tomorrow, meanwhile it is Friday, so it is vino time image

  • Good idea USB, can I join in please?image

  • Good luck for Sunday, B image

  • Hi B image

    Are you all ready for Sunday?  I will be targeting an ironing PB while watching the TV

    Frodo - I'm just waiting for the chip van to arrive before I pour myself a glass of red (couldn't have said that on the old thread with Ruth watching)

  • Well done USB for targetting another marathon soon and looking to use your fitness to bag the time you know you're capable of. I'll check in at the beginning of May and see how you're getting on. Good luck and all the best
  • Bonjour image.

    Hope Sunday goes well for all those going - sorry to hear about the toe, seren.  Are you able to walk OK with a broken big toe - it's pretty important for balance isn't it?

    All being well, I've got my eye on New Forest in September.  Plan is 4 weeks return to fitness programme, then assuming all goes OK, mara training, starting back from scratch - should just about take me to September.

    3 x 5m done this week -  DOMS strikes againimage. Ouch. . .

  • I fancied doing Robin Hood again this year but we are in Crete for the last 2 weeks in August which is not good timing for a last 20 miler

    In a perverse way I missed not having DOMS this week
  • Hello USB and all - I'm in. Have vm enjoyed a couple of glasses of red this evening. Will do little run post-Paris in the morning. Legs and back feeling ok now. So, Amsterdam anyone?
  • If you've entered Halstead my running club will be on water station 2 (you pass us at 6 and 18 miles) will also be targeting 4.15 but at Loch Ness.

    Halstead is a lovely course, but get some hill training in, there isn't anything too challenging but its a figure of 8 course so some you see twice.

  • Someone has suggested Loch Ness to me for the autumn but logisitics would be tight unless I persuade Mr USB to take the Monday off/go into work late as I can't see my daughter getting herself to the school bus without anybody to kick her out of bed!

    Regarding hills most of my routes around here go up and down to some degree.  I'm doing Dartmoor Discovery in June and those hills are big!

  • I'd love to do Dublin as I've got family over there and everyone says it's a great race and atmosphere, but it's on the first Monday that schools are back after half term, so that puts it well and truly out. image
  • School holidays are a pain!  I think in 2008 Dublin was the Monday at the start of half term so we were fine.  We did take A out of school (with permission) for Florence but she starts GCSEs in September so we won't be doing that anymore image
  • USB - Oh go on, do Loch Ness, would be nice to meet you.

    Will hope for around 4.15 at LN too tiredlegs.

  • Yep Dartmoor has some serious hills - there you need to practice going down image

    Hi Elspeth hopefully if training goes right we should be running near each other then.

  • Ouch!  I went out with the plan of doing anything up to 20 miles but found my legs to be so heavy and achy that I cut it short at 15 instead.  Strangely the pace didn't really change all that much as I went on (averaging between 11:15 and 11:20, ended up as 11:18 average) but the idea of another 5 miles just didn't appeal.

    Stopped at the farm shop to use the facilities and saw a litter of 5 piglets with thei mum, really cute image

  • Did my first trott since paris, a lovely sunny but good temp of 18 degrees, of 4 miles, felt really great.  Won't get anywhere near sub 4.15 in Jersey in october as far too hilly, so will use it as a "training" run and any time beginning with a 4 would be good.  Main airm is VLM, Paris or Mont St Michel marathon next spring - so long as not hot!!!!

    USB:  my splits were, 9.13, 8.34, 8.15, 8.05 - feeling great, should be good to try for a 1.50 half on 22 May - all things being equal and with the wind blowing east to west not the other way!!!!

  • *pops head in*

    Room for a Scouse one? image

  • I'll just watch for now though mindimage

    Not remotely good enough to ever go sub 4.15. I am targeting something beginning with a 4 tomorrow if I can move some of these crowds out of my way! I'm in pen 8 so right near the back!

    Maybe I'll just fart really loudly....image

  • Hi USB, I did North Dorset last year.  Really good with nice touches like your own bottle at the water tables if you like and they look for you and hand it to as well!  Just like a pro!

    Not a bad course, a couple of hills, the one at 19 miles, even though small got me!  But I still finished with in 15 seconds of my target so that was good. Would have been there this year, but it was sold out and I entered the Neolithic one instead - do not think the Neolithic is a PB course tho!

    15 miles is good, you only have to go through taper all again tho!

    Best of luck.

  •  Tl -sorry didn't reply earlier.  We stayed at Two Bridges after Christmas and drove in over part of the route, the hills seem bigger than when I was a kid growing up in Devon!  I understand for some of them the advised strategy is to walk down.  I won't be racing it, just aiming not to get pulled off the course for being too slow

    Nice splits PF image

    LB - stop doing yourself down.  Remember it may be more crowded ahead of you but with a chip it won't matter you starting nearer the back.  Please could you kiss them all at Mudchute for me?

    RB - I've checked things out with Steve tonight and would agree with him that I'm not yet 100% (I can't remember the last time my legs felt like this).  Therefore the idea of North Dorset has been ditched image  I will do 18 miles next weekend and review the idea of Halstead after that.

    Regarding taper if I do Halstead it will be a shorter taper having already tapered for Paris

  • Bridget- just to give you a bit of perspective on Halstead?

    In 2007 I ran London hoping to go under 4 hours for the first time, I had trained well and was confident that I could do it, unfortunately that year it was roasting hot in London, some say it was recorded as 27 degrees on parts of the route, anyway  I suffered big time and struggled home in 4:22, very dissapointed and  I knew that I could have done the time, in better conditions.

    3 weeks later I ran the Halstead marathon, very determined and very disciplined and ran a 3:56 time, finished very happy and felt justified in giving it a go, after being told that it was not possible, too hilly a course, wait untill the autumn/next spring for another crack at sub 4.

    So although nothing is a definate in life, here is one example where if you want it bad enough, then you can make it happen.

    good luck in whatever you choose.

  • Can I play too?
  • shaggy - thanks for that.  It will all depend on how this week goes really.  A decent long run next weekend and I'll be there

    solb - jump in image

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