Imodium in the morning good or bad?

As lots of others do - I get a nervous belly that makes me lose my breakfast on the morning of a race. As I need all the fuel I can get tomorrow is Imodium a good idea or will it cause dehydration?


  • I use imodium every time I do a half or longer distance. They are part of my essential kit just as much as my trainers!

    Not sure about whether they dehydrate or not. Sure some wise peep will be along with some advise regarding that. I just hydrate properly and don't experience any problems.

    Good luck.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Ditto HT, I use immodium on longer distances.  Good luck too for tomorrow image
  • Ditto the above too.  I have them out on the side ready for the big day tomorrow.  
  • Thanks everyone. Hopefully my breakfast will stick around longer now!!
  • Never, ever try something new on race day, if you haven't done a long run previous on Imodium don't do it now.
  • yep .. agreed

    It may well be fine but it would be a chance I would rather not take on race morning
  • Ditto. Nothing new on race day.
  • Just saw this thread and had to comment... I had serious problems through Saturday night (I'll spare the details) and decided to take immodium for the first time ever at 8am on Sunday, ran VLM setting a pb, the tablets saved me right until I crossed the finish line before 2 but didn't last much longer. I did have to take on board a bit more water at the start but would now seriously consider using them as preventative for longer runs in the future.
  • We are not saying that it doesn't work, we are saying that you shouldn't try something new on marathon day.

    Yor body might react really badly or you might be perfectly fine, the thing is you shouldn't gamble.

  • God yes - I totally agree Zaba, but as a desperate emergency it did work for me -risking them or not running were the options! But now I will do some practise with them in training, never want to be in that uncertain territory again.
  • Didn't get to see the later posts!
    I did think about the never try anything new on race day but I broke the rule. I don't think it was the imodium that caused the jelly legs at mile 10 - I took on board plenty of water, however I did spend the entire race starving hungry.
    I have taken it once before - all be it not for a race.
    I'm now thinking I might have an alternative excuse to the weather!
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    More correct spellings than incorrect ones.  My OCD will let this pass.

    As you were.


  • PhilPub - I just had to google it to make sure of the spelling!!
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