cheap cycle tops

Planet X have got a deal on cycle tops

£10 for a top quality shirt is a bargain mine (blue one) arrived today although they say they may be marked mine was perfect very good shirt


  • I have just shown my colleague and he has ordered one ... I am umming and ahhing a bit   image
  • Excellent, thanks for the info RBM - ordered.
  • The blue one matches my Superlight image
    So I've orderded one. I think I have anyway, I got an order number but no confirmation email....
  • They had run out of blue ones in small ...  

    ... say NOTHING Hairy !!
  • Pefect (possibly). Even cheaper than Decathlon and it matches by bib shorts image

     Thank you

  • Meldy
    I usually take medium/small but PX kit comes up slightly small so I took a risk and ordered a large and its a nice fit
  • Hmmm..hopefully medium will be ok. If not I'll have to run more.
  • Check out the More Miles cycle stuff at Start Cycles

    Some bargins

  • Bought!  Thanks RBM image  Will check out your link too WW....

  • Got a yeller one, thanks.
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    They had run out of blue ones in small ...  
    Who were you buying for Melds?!image
  • Gladys is gonna get such a kicking image

    Phoned Planet X and they confirmed my order, so all I need to do now is order the white cycle shorts......image

  • Got mine today - they are fine and excellent quality!
  • Ordered L but if they are small, no blue ones left so stuck with bliddy yellow and black thing???
    Who wears Y & B ffs image
  • Gladys (the aferlete formerly known as AliAird) wrote (see)
    M...eldy wrote (see)
    They had run out of blue ones in small ...  
    Who were you buying for Melds?!image
    hairier half wrote (see)

    Gladys is gonna get such a kicking image

  • Arrived today, excellent quality.

    Thanks again for heads-up RBM, will do nicely for the ol man.
  • s above. Arrived today, and great quality. Med is just right, and it didn't have the stain or smell damp (yet).
  • Yeller and black long sleeve arrived today (No blue left in my size). Excellent quality. Not a mark or smell in sight. Absolute bargain.
  • If anyone is still wondering ... I appear to have clicked the button too many times and appear to have 2 x small yellow short sleeve jobbies
    Just mail me and you can have the ofher one

    For those that know me, the small fits perfectly!!
  • They really are quite good image very breathable, nice and airy on todays ride homeimage
  • Ordered mine yesterday and it arrived this morning in time for a bimble round the roads of East Zuzzex. Excellent quality and good fit image
  • Ditto, fast delivery fits nicely, seems pretty good. For a tenner it is excellent. Although also went for the bib tights with a view to next winter. They also seem pretty fine - nice and warm when I tried them on although it was about 20degC.


  • Mine turned up today  image

    Big black marks where the label ink had run into the material but two minutes with a bit of powder and water and as good as new.

    just drying in the sun as we speak but will get a run out tonight

  • Mine arrived today - very nice! A couple of small ink marks but nothing serious at all image
  • Mine arrived yesterday, black marks down the front but they've pretty much all come out in the wash.  I ordered a Medium and it's a bit baggy but great for the price.
  • cheers for the tip

    got a medium and its cracking (not literally!)

    ta very much

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