Increasing Training

I'm training for the Sheffield Half-Mara on the 8th May,(my first half-mara) and I've run a few 10 mile training runs (every week), which are going well, and I'll increase this distance now. I'm also running a couple of 4 / 5 miles a week.

 The thing is I have a couple of weeks off work, and therefore have a bit more time for training. Would it make sense to do an extra long run a week for a couple of weeks? If not, what would be useful additional training, if any?


  • Hi Dan with your race only being a couple of weeks away i wouldn't make any radical changes to your training, presuming you do most of your training at the same sort of pace all i would do is increase your long run by 1.5m this week and again next week so you are running 13m on your long run. Good luck with it, your first is about getting round and enjoying the occasion. Should you decide you want to run another and improve theres lots of experienced runners on these forums that can help you do that. All the best.

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