Rutland Water Marathon

Has anyone run this before?


  • Trails,Uneven,Good Fun and get a qualty goody bag. Well Worth To Go!

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    It only started last year but if you do a search on the forum I think you'll find a fair few people ran it and it was pretty well received.  I would consider it myself but it's probably too soon after Abingdon for me.

  • sorry for newbness but .....would it be silly to think i could do this as a first marathon attempt - its localish and ive been running for nearly a year with a few 10ks done in sub 50 minutes, it seems i have plenty of time for building up mileage - currently do about 35 - 45 miles a week. just not too sure if a trail marathon is a good idea for first timer.  TIA

  • I ready for anything?
  • It would be fine for a first marathon, the trails are pretty hard packed and ok apart from one section with a covering of loose stones. It's not an easy marathon though so don't expect a fast time. There were a few issues with the organisation last year but hopefully they'll have been sorted. Not sure I received the same goody bag as Speedy Brear though!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • not sure i even got a goody bag ?

    this mara nearly killed me - but thats my own fault for not training properly for it. it has potential to be a great marathon as 90% of the run has some stunning views.

    as little miss says, it is a fairly tough one so add some hill training into your schedule and watch out for the cattle grids !

  • thanks for the responses - i dont expect a fast time - i only want to complete and get some sort of benchmark before i think about travelling for marathons. i do a bit of hill work and just got a pb at titchmarsh 10k which i have been told is one of the hillier 10ks,   oh and cattle grids are fine - i live in the middle of nowhere.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Superb. I did it last year and have entered again.

    The slight incline at 21miles did for me.

    Bear in mind that Rutland water was formed by flooding 3 valleys so really you are runinng over 4 hills (you do the peninsula twice) and not running around a flat lake.

    Water stations were well manned and it's great scenery.

    Last years thread: link to course profile on page 8.

  • when I did Grimsthorpe Half We get a Medal,T Shirt and a Goody Bag.Its all depends who sponsor the events?
  • ive signed up for this and am looking forward to it.

    although i did bike ride round with family and there are some good old hills on it !!!!!!!!!!

    but theres a pub we could nip in  image

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    From memory the pub is just before the indecent climb at 21miles. If your times are not going to plan it would be a good place to stop for good image
  • really not worried about times, i am  just looking forward to getting around in one piece
  • I ran this last year two weeks after doing Spires and Steeples 26miles, It nearly killed me off. For that reason only I am entering again this year as I am not going to be defeated!!!!
  • Little Miss Happy Ultra(I think)

    Rutland Marathon had goody Bags includes T  Shirt & Medal same year then I did Grimsthorpe half by Fast Feet.Or You may went home early. Don't believe what Runners World forum say.Check Fast Feet Website instead.

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭
    RP - I am still tempted to run this 3 weeks after Abingdon, do you think a 3rd week of recovery would have helped you?
  • Runlozrun,

    Probably depends on a few factors......

    Are you racing (PB hunting) Abingdon? What sort of mileage/training programme your doing etc.

    I ran a track marathon the day before this one last year in 3.50 and then ran this in 3.46, but would say that I'm a 3.20/3.15 sort of marathon runner (PB is quicker BTW) and I run 50 to 60 miles a week pretty much every week, week in week out.

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    Thanks Sean, yes my year is pretty much shaped up for breaking my PB at Abingdon, currently it's at 3:34 so hoping to get it somewhere between 3:20 - 3:30.  I'm running about 30-35 miles a week at the moment for my halfs and would expect to be running between 40-45 miles for my marathon training. I haven't thought about a training programme as yet but I'll probably try and mix it up a bit this time around.

    It probably makes sense to miss Rutland but I know the area and was very tempted to amble around it if my legs were up to it. 

    Decisions, decisions...... 

  • Personally, I would run Abingdon flat out and go for the PB and then run Rutland just for fun. If your feeling in great shape and the conditons are good, race it too but just see how you feel after Abingdon.

    Not done Abingdon myself (but will be doing it this year) you should get a new PB if your training goes to plan. October is great time to run a PB marathon IMHO. The weather is usually very favourable too. Have heard that Abingdon is too flat.....if that is possible

    Good luck.

  • I also did the track marathon the day before, think I did 4.20 ish then struggled around Rutland in just over 5 Hours

    I dont remember a good goody bag either, maybe speedy defines good goody bag differently to others., to me a good goody bag is food, drink, no leaflets and maybe a few shower gel a d deodorant samples, dont remember any of that

    The thing I didnt like about this Marathon ws the long walk to the start in the freezing cold in your race kit
  • Looking forward to this one, a few of our club are coming over from Northampton to take on the challenge.  We like off road events.
  • Just tried to enter but the website is down.  Any ideas??
  • I've just managed to get on it Mark so maybe only a temporary problem
  • I'm in, website all working and I have entered.image
  • Hi, I did this one last year and have just completed the Grimsthorpe 70mile Ultra, unfortunately I cant run it this year as I am running the dirty double Lakeland trail weekend.


    The organisation is good and the marathon is also a nice run, the Grimsthorpe Ultra was really well organised and fat feet support you all the way, however please take into account that there is a long walk to the start line of the marathon which I think was around 25 minutes from the car park, also take note where the water stations are on the map so you don’t run out!!, I would recommend using your GPS as I cant remember any mile markers and if there was they where slightly inaccurate. Having said that it was the first one so I think they will learn from this and they seem to have mastered the ultra events/ half marathons they organise so will be good to here your reports on how it goes this year, I would deffinatly run it again and will give it another go in 2012.


    Fat Feet are always posting on facebook so I would recommend adding them as a friend and they will keep you up-to-date with all the latest information.


    Good Luck to all image

  • Their website is down again, my mate is trying to enter but can't.
  • Mark-

    Is it not your computer it seems fine to me?

    It could now be full due to the massive surge of people booking it after the success of the Grimsthorpe half last week, if you still cant book it send them a message on Facebook they are on it posting every day, there name is Fat Feet Blisters.image

  • I willenter Rutland next Week with my new off road trainers from Start Fitness.
  • My mate has tried to get in on his PC and I've tried it on mine over the past few days.  It goes all the way through the entry page and then crashes after you have put your details in and click continue.

    He has emailed them and I think he's going to rey on Facebook.

  • I entered last night. No isues for me.

    Try a different web browser. Firefox, chrome....

  • I.m in.I try to bike around the water first?
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