patella degenerative disease

having had paid in my left knee on and off for about 3 years i have finally been diagnosed with Patellofemoral degenerative disease with a slightly tight lateral retinaculum.  ive been told that arthroscopy is quite unpredicatable and would probably give no improvement.  i have most pain when walking downstairs but is sometimes noticeable when i drive too.

 i have been referred to NHS physio to build up my medial quads and cant deny that when ive used the physio before i have noticed some improvement.  i have also been told to stop running as it isnt good for my knees!!  obviously i stopped running when the pain started about two months ago but the thought of giving up forever is getting to me now.

 my questions are:- has anyone else had this?  if so what stage are you at?   will i be able to restart running?

 would a sports physio be better to see than a normal NHS physio?

many thanks for any replies

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