Was just wondering if someone can either tell me or re-direct me to a thread with some useful info on re-hydrating after a marathon.

Im training for the Edinburgh marathon and its going well, however im experiencing really bad headaches etc for many hours after my long slow runs (circa 20miles which take me 3hrs).  I am taking fluids (SIS Go Electrolyte mix usually) on whilst im running and drinking lots after i finish (usually pop a couple of nuuns also) but the headaches are always there.  It culminated this weekend with me feeling so ill i woke in the night and was sick.

I am a little concerned with the marathon being only six weeks away but my gut feeling is that it is a hydration issue.  Maybe im not taking on enough fluid when running or not enough after and in the right way? Do i need to take it easier on my LSR's? I do sweat alot when i run if this helps and yesterday the weather was pretty close.

 Edinburgh will be my 2nd marathon so its not likethis is new territory.

 Any advice (excluding go see a GP cos im doing that tomorrow anyway) would be very welcome.




  • Hi Adam - I used suffer headaches too after long runs and for me it was a hydration issue as you suggest.  It is very important to be fully hydrated before your long run.  So drinking the day before at least 2 - 3 litres throughout the day. It's like carbo loading - it's too late on the morning of the long run/race, you have to do it in the days leading up to it.  When running I found that if I started drinking (I only ever drink water when running) at about mile 3 to 4 - not loads but just sipping a little per mile worked. 

    After a long run/race I don't drink loads immediately but  I'll have maybe 500ml straight away and then I'm continually sipping for the next few hours.  It's surprising how much you need to fully rehydrate so that your wee (image) is pale again.  Also a good indicator on how hydrated you are after is how long before you need a pee after the event..... and what colour is it?  As I said, I don't use sports specific products - I've always just used water and usually have a bag of ready salted crisps or similar soon after finishing.  I don't get headaches anymore.  I suspect this is what your GP will suggest.  Good luck.

  • Look at what you are doing on your long runs.

    You want to go sub 4 in the race - so that's just over 9 min pace. You're doing your long runs faster than race pace. And that's as part of your weekly training - so no taper.

    You're racing 20 miles every fortnight. You need to slow it down.
  • thanks Tiger, never thought too much about taking steps to ensure im hydrated properly in the days leading to a long run, always just the morning of and night before.  Ill give it a go.

    Cougie, reading this post and the one on my other thread re pacing i think your definately right.  I just need to slow the long runs down.  For some reason i get caught up with my ego and keep pushing myself when im supposed to be maintaining a slow pace and end up racing myself.  Will take ure advice and definately take it easy.  I am pretty new to running and still have a lot to learn it seems :/

  • I heard a brilliant quote - I think it was from one of the Brownlee Brothers - and it was something along the lines of 'Athletes who are always competitive - are never competitive in races'

    So basically - if you're flogging yourself to death all the time in training - you have nothing left for the race.

     I'm doing Edinburgh too - hoping for sub 3.15 and I'm doing about 9 min miles for my long runs - and I reckon thats about right for me.  I do speedwork too - but just not at the same time as running long.

    Good luck !

  • Sounds like good advice to me and thanks.

     Good luck too image

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