london marathon

How much average do you have to raise for a charity place in london marathon. With the ballot system being pot luck now rather than 6th year u deffo in I doubt I ever get a place that way. Next week will be my 3rd year of applying. Well done to all of you who completed the distance. Enjoy your rest


  • Lisa I think you are looking at an average of £1200 - £1500, they aint cheap image
  • I think they are more £2,000 to £2,500!!!

    Search for "Gold Bond Places" from charities!

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have you looked at the "good for age" scheme?  This seems to be the only other way to get in.

    I'll be making my third application this year as well, so good luck to you (and me) image  

  • really kev !! gawd, I stopped even looking years ago image

  • Its about what I thought. Good for age no chance im not good enough. To finish in 5 hours will be fab for me. At the min im having a year break from racing halfs but hoping from sept I may be able start thinking a marathon could be in me. I have a bit more me time to trainwhich this year I knew id not have so took option to run for fun not race. Its been great to look at the weather and not go. Lol
  • Consider another marathon??
  • When can you start applying for the Marathon?

    A friend of mine ran it today and had to raise £2000 for his place. I really want to do it so I will be applying this year!

  • Ballot opens on the 26th April
  • Thanks FF!

    I knew it was soon, but didn't know how soon. Looking forward to it already!

  • I would say it's anywhere between 1200 and 2500, depending on size of the charity.

    But look here. I declare my interest... I work for this magazine.
  • i know how you feel. you really wanna do the london m. if youre desperate to do it now get a charity place, get sponsors and make up any short fall yourself. needs must image
  • Iv done loads of halfs but the atmosphere of london is great. Iv never known such atmosphere for full. Notts full the 2nd part iv been told is lonely. Well 1st part u only get support in key areas of tourist attractions. Well we have to see what sept oct brings me and how I know what time I have.
  • It's because us Londoners are so warm! Actually, I love going up to watch and giving what little support I can to the runners. I could almost feel their pain today at 23 miles.
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