Blood Donation ?


Just wondering about donating blood and any effects it may have on my running ?

Have donated previously but not when I've been training a lot. Has anyone any knowledge or experience ?

My gut feeling is the two don't go together to well but then I like to donate when I can.

Any advice very welcome image


  • I did abstain from giving blood during heavy training for specific events.However I intend to donate tomorrow.

    What events are you training for and when is it would be the questions I would ask?

  • I've got my first half in June and First marathon later in the year.

    I know they are quite a way of yet but trying to plan ahead as got a reminder through today re donating.

    I suppose doesn't help when you hear various stories of how long it takes your body to recover from donating.

  • My rule was 1 month prior to half marathon and 3 months for marathon for what its worth.

    Honestly never felt donating affected me in any way  at all.

  • Sounds good, thanks
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