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Hi there,

I started running about 6 months ago and I've noticed I wake up in the morning with numb feet! This goes away after a few minutes but it's happening everyday. I have read some posts that people tend to get numb feet during runs but my feet feel fine when I'm running. Is there anything anyone can suggest to help foot numbness in the morning?




  • Since no one's answered you yet, I'll have a shot  image

    Could it be that you've changed your footwear...either running shoes or normal shoes?  Just wondering if your footwear is pressing on a nerve and causing the numbness.

    Also, when you say numbness, do you mean like pins and needles or are they pale with lack of blood supply?

  • Hi Polly, thanks for your reply. I wear Nike Lunarswift for road running and Merrel trail running shoes for off road stuff. They seem to fit okay but maybe I should look into getting a proper assessment. It is more like pins and needles in the morning and is more in my left foot.

  • If you haven't had a proper gait analysis and shoe fit, you really should.  I'm not saying it'll stop the pins and needles but you really shouldn't be running in shoes that may not be right for you.

    Another thought.  I wonder if your blood pressure is dropping quite low while you're asleep and this is causing your pins and needles.  It's possible if your resting heartrate has lowered due to increased fitness  image

  • Yes, I think I'll take your advice and get my feet analysed. There is certainly no harm in doing that.

    I had my bp checked a few weeks ago and the nurse said I had 'extremely healthy blood pressure' so I guess it's possible it's having an effect on my feet. I try to remember to wiggle my feet before I get up (not always easy when half asleep) but hopefully it'll just go away by itself. Thanks again.
  • I've always had very low blood pressure, to the extent where it's sometimes difficult to find!  Whilst this is considered to be good, it does have its downsides.  I suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome quite badly and often go dizzy and have pins and needles in my hands.  Maybe you're similar to me?  image
  • It's probably got nothing to do with running or shoes. There are many causes of these symptoms. It is usually a neural impingement problem or a vascular cause. There can be more serious reasons. I think it's a problem for your doctor and not a shoe salesman!
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