Starting a training schedule early

I am hoping to use the P+D 55-70M per week training schedule for my first marathon in October.

The schedule should start on June 13th (18 weeks) but I was thinking about starting it 2 or 3 weeks early to add in a couple of extra rest weeks and be able to stick to it better as I would end up missing some of the training sessions once the football season started again in August (watching not playing). These sessions would likely be the Sat or Sun - I would make sure I did the long run but the session scheduled for the Sat may be missed.

Would it be better to do this or to just miss the sessions out that I couldn't do and just do the rest?

Thanks, Dean.


  • what do you think?

  • North London Runner wrote (see)

    what do you think?

    I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

    I'm presuming the starting it early would be best, which is why I'm thinking of doing that but not too sure if taking a step back week at the 'wrong' time would affect my progress more than missing the odd run.

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