Running Sunglasses

Can anyone recommend a good pair or Running Shades. Thinking after watching people flail under the London heat, they are a must.

 Would ideally like to only spend upto £50, but if people can offer opinions/experience of a good pair then that would be great.

 Thanks - Dom


  • I use a £2.99 set I got from Aldi or Lidl - can't remember which. They've got interchangeable lenses (mirrored, dark, amber, clear). As they're Aldi/Lidl, they're cheap & cheerful, so they're also very light. Not had ant trouble with them in the four years I've had them.
  • Not so sure if many people would count them as "good" but I bought a pair of Rayzor sunglasses from Amazon about a month ago.  With the nice weather over the last 3 weeks I've worn them quite a lot.

     I am forever dropping, losing, breaking and generally destroying sun glasses so I was reluctant to spend much (the last pair got crushed in the end pocket of my gym bag)

    These seem to fit me pretty well, they are lightweight and generally I am very happy them.  No case and the curved shape mean that they will never fit in a case but that aside they are comfortable, don't slide off as I run. 

    If you are better at looking after them than I am then you might want to buy a more up market pair but if you are like me then these are a pretty good option.

  • They are good those DHBs - I don't remember paying that much for them though, have they gone up in price?
  • Time for a nap wrote (see)

    These stay on pretty good:

    Another vote for these, love my dhb set - The clear lenses can be used in winter for XC races to protect eyes!

  • Rapid Eyewear do some good ones with interchangeable lenses ( but here's a tip - they are cheaper on Amazon image
  • Must admit I love my Oakley's with Iridium lenses...worth the money if you shop about.

  • i use these, made almost from a single piece of plastic, they are the lightest you will ever find without question, stay on very well as they wrap quite nice but not too tight.
  • They look great!
  • Sunwise shades are good. Sweatshop sell them. Usually about £30. I have a couple of pairs and don't know I'm wearing them.

    Although those Karrimoor ones certainly look better on paper.

  • the only issue with the karrimor ones is that they are pretty fragile when you are not wearing them and they only come with a drawstring bag,and dont fold very flat, i bought a large hardcase from the £1 shop that they fit in well, not a major deal unless you want to travel light and need to take these with you,

    but in use, they are brilliant.
  • I bought a cheap pair from Amazon. Rayzor. Ray something. Cheap and cheerful yet really amazing. I've had them for over a year, wore them through summer, autumn and winter. They really take the glare of the roads as well as keep dust out your eyes, only about £12.
  • Lidl have some really good ones, with case and multiple lenses, in just now.

    £7.99 I think.

  • I also have a pair of Sunwise Odyssey glasses and I would recommend those.

    Sunwise Odyssey Interchange Sunglasses

    They are very comfortable and I quickly forget I have them on. They come with a case and three sets of lenses : yellow, grey and orange. I tend to wear grey but the yellow ones are good for cycling on more overcast days. They are £29.95 from Sweatshop.
  • Rudy Project for me, fit snug, stay in place, super light, easy swap lenses and the impact x lenses are pretty much unbreakable (if you swan dive as often as me on the trails an important feature). Can be on the pricey side but if you shop around mine came from Hong Kong via ebay at about a fifth of the RRP.
  • Well if it is of interest I have been testing these running sunglasses from Naked Runner

    In fact all my running mates at the track have now bought a pair, well most of them lol

    I think what makes them special is that they have an anti steam coating, which I have found to be handy, particularly in the winter, but also you can change the bridge size for the nose, which means you can get the ideal fit. That was important to me because my eyelashes kept touching the lens
  • I find Cebe shades great, and available for under a tenner on eBay. They're more designed for mountaineers/skiers/snowboarders - snug fit round eye keeps ALL the light out - but I like them cause I worked permanent nightshift for years and am a bit of a vampire when it comes to sun. image

  • I don't know what other people think,but i find Ray ban sunglasses is a great choice.Little pricy,thou.

  • Oakley. Worth every penny. 

  • I've tried a number of different pairs of running glasses, and my eyelashes are always squashed up against the lenses, and really quite uncomfortable. My eyelashes are always commented on (a bit like a camel's) and my Mum always said the girls would love them. Well, it bloody well didn't work out like that. What she should have told me is that running in the summer will be fraught with flies and blinding sunlight. (I cunningly hid this tragedy from her by being a exercise averse chubster until my 40s.)

    Anyone else have this problem (the eyelash thing)? (I know, I know.... 1st world problems and all).

  • I have a few pair of Endura Sprectrum in different shades. Very good for the money.


  • Hi Hallam Blue

    Funny you should mention the eyelash problem and I am a bloke too, I suppose we could trim them lol

    Anyway I spent a lot of time testing running sunglasses and in the end I came up with a design I was happy with and launched them as the NakedRunner running sunglasses Anyway that aside, because my eye lashes are a bit long the sweat always ends up on the lens, but with the NakedRunner ones you can adjust the bridge to push the lens away from the eyes slightly.

    Obviously it will depend on the size of your eye lashes but if you want to try them out give me a shout.

    Also I have plenty of possitive comments on my facebook page too

  • I can recommend these:

    I bought a pair of clear framed, blue lensed ones, they come with spare clear & orange lenses & a neat hard case. Look good, are very light & don't slide around whilst running.

  • Oakley Half Jackets, fit like a dream, lightweight, and make me look like a futuristic insect. Just so bleedin' expensive. My last pair of Oakley's lasted me 14 years though.

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