Groin & Inner Thigh

I ran a 32 mile event last year on a hilly Dartmoor course (Discovery). I'm ok with that distance, and I train on the moor, but I was not as well prepared as I usually am. 

 Roughly 25 miles in I got pre-curser warnings of cramp in my right thigh, front of.

I stopped, lifted my right foot up behind me to do a simple and gentle stretch of the front of my right thigh.

As I was raising my foot I triggered a horrific cramping in my upper inner right thigh and groin area on right hand side.

I could have cried for the pain, it is unlike anything I have ever felt before. If hell is big hot knives ripping into muscles, this was hell on earth.

 I decided to gently plod on. 

 I crossed the line hours after my planned time and was in tatters.

Since then, my groin/inner thigh area has never been clear of  a niggle sensation. I can run but I'm not pain free. My bike is a definate no no - it causes the pain to flair massively for days afterwards.

This has beaten physios, it's beaten complete and sustained rest and ice treatments, cold baths, you name it.

I would be really grateful if anyone has any stretches and exercise I should practice on a regular basis. (

Thank you


  • hi! delayed response I know, but thought i'd reply anyway cause I know how painful and frustrating this is. it sounds really similar to an injury I developed about 4 months ago now. happened after a 17-miler while training. was ok during the run, but had done a lot of exercise over a couple of days (long cycle rides, nights out in high heels: not great for the legs) and something didn't feel right after. the next day i woke up in screaming agony unable to walk, with what felt like a vice over the top of my thigh, with pain stretching deep into my groin. after a week of proper hobbling i took myself to the physio who diagnosed me with hip flexor tendonitis. he gave me acupuncture (amazing!) and deep-tissue massages once a week. he also provided me with great stretches and strengthening exercies. i stopped all running and other forms of exercise for 2 weeks (litrally killed me. i was miserable), but gradually started to introduce cross training into my life (elliptical and cycling). did this for 3 months, and in the meantime every walking step was agony. i couldn't even think about running when walking was so painful so i tried to forget about it.

    two weeks ago i decided i wanted to try running again as i had no pain while walking and foam-rolling my inner thigh was no longer excrutiating. i was SO slow but it was incredible! my fitness went a bit, but i can still run longer distances (did 10 miles on sunday!) LOADS of ice after, and about half an hour spent stretching but think i am finally recovered.

    i know this is awful to hear but you must stop running. it will be worth it in the end.

    good luck!

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