Glutes/hips my downfall - suggestions?

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My story so far: runner for 6 years, have run about 20 half marathons (PB 1.35 set in March 2011) and 3 marathons (PB 4.14 April 2010).  I ran VLM 2011 in a disappointing 4.24, after following a 3.30 training programme pretty well.

I don't have strong hip flexors/glute muscles.  This has been pointed out to me recently by a physio.  In London last weekend I felt in the later miles that my hips just weren't powering me forward, my back was hunched over and all power was through very tired legs.  Not ideal.

I don't think my body can cope with the high mileage.  I've got the speed in the shorter distances (5k PB 19.42) but I have a feeling that unless I improve my core/hips/glutes then I'll forever just fall short of my marathon targets.

Does this ring bells with anyone?  Can anyone suggest what I should be doing to improve my strength in this areas so that I improve my form and ability to run marathons at my full potential?  Would pilates help?

Any suggestions would be most welcome - I am desperate to run a marathon well, I think I should be capable of a sub 3.30 but so far I've been way off.  I fear that unless I tackle this issue, I wont be moving forward.


  • Did your physio not give you any exercises? Seems odd to point something out but then not advise you how to address it. The one my physio recommends is clams. If you search for clam exercise there are lots of videos.
  • well do some glute/hip strengthening exercises then?

    Clam is a good one....'good mornings' also.


  • As before clams, single leg squats concentrating on form and balance over depth, rear leg extensions with a power band, leg raises when lieing down on your side with the working leg 10-12 inches behind the static leg.

     It's very difficult to describe the exercises but ig you google there'll be plenty of videos about particularly on youtube

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