I am looking at various areas for improvement in the light of my slightly disappointing performance at the VLM.  One area I'm interested in is increasing the number of my steps per minute to the ideal of 180. Is there anything out there which will be measure my steps per minute and (ideally) also find music on my ipod with the appropriate beat? I do have a Garmin Forerunner 405CX which gives me most of the data I require - so it's just the pace information I'm after.


  • You can get a footpod to go with your 405 which will allow your watch to show your cadence.  Like this.
  • And this will calculate the BPM of your music
  • You can use a metronome that will set to 180 bpm - not very expensive to get an electronic one (e.g. £15 for Seiko clip-on from Amazon), just check it will set to the bpm you want. I borrowed one a few times from a relative and found it useful. Even cheaper (and what I generally use) just count your footfalls - I find it easiest to do one count for every left-right, then double it (so for 180, you want 90 left-right footfalls in one minute). Or if I find I'm doing a count per four foot-falls (one count per breath), then I want 45 in a minute. Simple. Or apparently you can download a 180 beat to your MP3 player (but a metronome is easier to vary e.g. if you find you want it a bit faster (190 seems to suit me, mostly).
  • Great - many thanks both.
  • Thanks Debra - I'm gadget man so will have a look at the metronome as well.
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