Asics GT series V Mizuno Inspire

Currently running in the Mizuno Inspire which I love

However, will be needing a new pair soon and from what I have read on here the new Inspire (7 is it?) gest duff reports - so was thinking of trying the Asics GT (whatever number it is now) any opinions ? are they relativley the same support wise? Anyone tried both ?


  • 3.30

    The Inspire 7 are dreadful the boxes they come in would be better.

     I have asics and love them no blisters the level of support is ideal for me (kaynano 16s)

  • The Inspire 7 is only very slightly different than the 6.

    I've gone from the 6 to the 7 with no problems whatsoever.

    The trouble is, all the other thousands of people that have moved up to the 7 without any issue probably won't post anything to say as much - it's the handful of people who have found a problem with the 7 that tend to shout the loudest.

    What is absolutely certain is, the Inspire 7 is going to the shoe that is still the closest match to the Inspire 6 than any other shoe out there - even if it is slightly different - way closer than the current GT-2160.

    The last time I tried the GT-2000 series, the 2nd density midsole block gave me blisters on the inside border of both heels compared to the more subtle Wave posting of the Inspire. But that's no reason to condemn the shoe outright - I'm sure it works just fine for thousands of other people.

  • Both great trainers.

    Agree with Mr M, the haters always rant about changes that may not suit them personally. I'm wearing the Inspire 7s and the only critique that seems valid is that it holds the ankle a little higher when you first run in them. But in real terms you don't even notice this after your first run. I've had no blisters to report either & the overall fit is great.

    The GTs are pretty faultless as a trainer. The only reason I moved away from them for the Mizuno (or Nike Structure Triax) was the upper tended to give way long before the rest of the trainer.
  • Well here's another perspective. 

    My favourite shoe is the Inspire 6.  I'm on my 2nd pair currently.  No issues whatsoever.  Yesterday I bought a pair of Inspire 7s and ran 6km in them last night.  Today I can't even wear them about the house, such is the pain under my ankle bone.  It feels like the high and tight heel collar has damaged or bruised the tendons there.  Oh, and the kicker is that the specialty running shop where I bought them refuses to take them back or make good in any way.  So $200au down the drain on shoes I cannot wear.  Consequently I'm royally p*ssed off with this shoe and a tad sensitive about it at the moment.

    The fact is I, and many others simply cannot  wear the Inspire 7 despite loving previous versions of the shoe.  OK, we're probably in the minority, but that doesn't mean our opinions aren't valid. 

    To the OP I say try on the Inspire 7, but be aware of others' issues with the shoe when making up your own mind.  It may suit your foot and you may love it (and good luck to you, I hope it does), but lots of people other than me have issue with the high and tight heel counter which cuts into the ankle-bone region.

    On the issue of similarity, clearly the Inspire 7 is a different, and much changed, shoe to the 6.  To the extent where in my opinion other shoes are more similar to the Inspire 6 than is the 7 (my Brooks Trance 9, for instance).  On the Inspire 7 the midsole dimensions are different (higher), the heel is firmer, the grade of foam different (more resilient and improved), the shoe is less flexible, the toebox smaller in volume, the last slightly  different ( a tad straighter) so the little toe doesn't hang over the edge of the midsole, the lacing comes further up the instep and the foot entrance is smaller, the heel counter higher and tighter. The only carry-over is the wave plate (Mizuno's best feature, I reckon).

    As for Asics, I've not tried 2160 but they've won an award in the latest USA RW tests,  I have Kayano 17s and love them.  Not as much as Inspire 6, though.

     Dunno if that helps the OP, but I certainly feel better getting all that off my chest!

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