Sat 23rd April


Happy St Georges Day.....

Eastleigh Parkrun for me to see how everything is... times not important today..

Have a great day all


  • Hope the ankle holds up RFJ.

    M - let me know if you pull anything other than the obvious out of Racing Weight will you? I skim read it and thought it was good but pretty obvious but may have missed something important.

    Alehouse - hope whatever nearly ails you lets go soon.

    Stickless - hope today goes well.

    Enjoy the sun whilst it lasts - looks as though it's back to normal April temperatures next week.

    What:           short long bike am/easy run pm
    Why:             easier week
    Last hard:   9/4
    Last rest:    8/4

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Enforced, prescribed resting again here. Its getting to the stage where i want to get back out there, but cannot!!! The garden is growing wild and we have a crowd coming for Easter. Do i let the garden go altogether or do a bit risking worse injury - it looks like the visitors will be disappointed at the look of the place.

    RFJ - take it easy and hope ankle holds!! - make sure its ok - dont make things worse!!!
  • Morning peeps.

    Happy St Georges Day, from a Scotimage

    What: Easy/recovery run. Not sure of exact distance.

    Why:I just ran as I felt this morning.

    Yesterdays lyrics: Madonna' Holiday'

    Todays lyrics: Yes.

    Drizzly up here this morning, still warm though

  • OH - Happy St Georges day to you all.
  • Happy St George's Day!(Although I'm not sure I approve of the slaying of dragons).

    2:38?? I was right about the marathon badassery then!

    M - dress shopping always cheers me up. Did you buy anything nice?

    Good luck today RFJ - hope the ankle doesn't give you any trouble.

    Paddy - don't risk it. Your legs are more important than either the garden or your guests' opinions on it.

    What: Shopping and maybe some rollerblading
    Why: Light cross-training ahead of getting back to running next week
    Last hard: Walking past my neglected running shoes
    Last rest: All this week

    Enjoy the day everyone - last day of Lent, for anyone abstaining from anything!
  • morning all

    MadameO - AF definitely hides his light under a bushell - he's very very fast! 

    RFJ - take it easy

    Another lovely day here, and another day of no running for me.  I have a physio appointment at lunchtime to try to find out why doing what worked before Brighton isn't working now.

    M - sorry you're feeling down.  It must be tough being so far from home. Enjoy some retail therapy.

    Well, I got the job I went for and accepted it yesterday subject to agreeing details.  It's a scary prospect but I figured one doesn't gain anything if one doesn't take a risk every now and then.  Taking this job risks quite  a lot but it could be excellent if it goes well!  Let's just hope their confidence in me isn't misplaced! 

    We had a lovely day in Margate and Broadstairs yesterday including a visit to the new Turner Contemporary gallery.  It's a great building particularly set against the fantastic blue skies yesterday but there's not a lot to it inside just yet.  

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    morning all,

    Bravo Mava! Sorry knee is proving problematic. Unusual physio to be working on Saturday in Holy week. Hope you get some good suggestions.

    Paddy - I'm with mava on this one. The visitors need to learn what is important in life, and if you can run like you can run, that's important. I am a lousy housekeeper. In spite of that, the house is still regularly full of guests (four, at the moment). Those who can't see further than the dust-balls under the furniture perhaps don't come back, but are generally not too badly missed.

    Me? 6 miles relaxed, with flL and training partner. Not bad. Before the stretch stop was getting a galaxy of ouches from left leg, usually a sign that tight muscles are pulling knee joint out of alignment. Settled following stretch stop. One somewhat prolonged dizzy spell (why does it happen predictably after I have stopped for stretch break, before I start running again?) but otherwise ran pretty freely most of the way round. Not too hot, drank by the clock, so no fuelling or hydration worries.

    Meant to say yesterday, ran to the sailing club, and sat on the river watching the race. Hmmm, white enterprise, could be the club boat, or could be .... YES! Phil and Lynn, once more on the water together, making the most of time stolen from the grim reaper. Made my day that did. (For relative new posters here, last year's A race was a marathon distance run up and down the river bank from the sailing club to Ely and back, raising money for Leukaemia Research - Phil was in the thick of chemo at the time.)

  • Madame/ Stick - The weeds will be living a bit longer, thanks!! Good thing i have Mrs Pm running a bit now - she has accepted that the acre of wilderness will have to survive a bit longer.

  • mava - congratulations on the new job and agree entirely, do what you've always done and you'll get what you always got - need to take a risk now and again.

    Paddy - you don't need to be taking risks now!

    Stickless - sounds very positive. Lovely to hear that Phil is sailing again.

    Couple of hours on the bike done. Quite chilly when I set off but lovely again now. Time to start baking hot x buns ready for the in-laws arrival.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • mava - congratulations!!!! everyone has new job nerves but you will be awesome I am sure.

    Paddy - what others think of your garden is surely not a big deal? and if it is, and they are friends of yours, surely they would understand why? [M at this point goes off to look at her garden in despair]

    LMUH - I have gained some stuff other than obvious already even on a skim read. But that may be to do with my own lack of knowledge.

    what: 12k faster than expected
    why: I got all over excited and ran with our "blue pack" at running club. should have stayed sensible and run on my own like normal...

  • What: OW swimming d&d
    ParkRun d&d 2nd in 17.41. Work to do.
    Bike ride PM
    Why: Because I can
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: past checking
    Lyrics: no
  • I'm back from physio.   I use a clinic locally that has around 10 physios, as well as podiatry, pilates, chiropractic and sports massage.  They're open on Saturdays between 8am and 1pm.  They may not be the cheapest but they're very efficiently run and I can usually get an appointment with someone.

    Well, it seems there's a reason why the exercises I've been doing weren't helping.  The problem with my knee is my back and the exercises I've been doing were exacerbating the problem.  I have a new set of exercises and an appointment for Wednesday.  

    Friday's marathon is in doubt. We'll see. I won't even consider it unless I am pain free. 

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Congrats on the job Mava, but steady with the knee.

    What: 90 mins on feet, comprising 15 x 5 mins slooow with 1 minute walk recovery
    Why: need to get some longer stuff done. Again the only way to run for that long at present is to take breaks to avoid repetitive strain injuries to my legs! Obviously must be feeling a less under the weather too.

    Cooler today, and a very pleasant amble along a canal followed by a slightly less pleasant (i.e. less to look at) return along a disused railway line that is now a bridle way.

    Last hard: well I guess today was...legs feel tired now.
    Last rest: Dec 09

    Lyrics: of course not

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Mava - congratulations on the new job - hope it meets your expectations. Regarding the wrong exercises for the knee, who recommended them.

    Stickless - lovely run in many ways for you this morning.

    Alehouse - any after effects from this morning other than all that age related stuff we try not to think about.

    For myself it was the usual 7.2 miles this morning run at a manageable pace with no hardware again. Glutes felt a bit shot over the last couple of miles, though hopefully that due to the battering they're getting from the core and strengthening work. Although I'm nowhere near where I would like to be can take comfort the hip flexor problems seem to be under control, and I did manage 41 miles last week.
  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭
    3.5 miles fartlek today with the dug!  Enjoyed it, a bit muddy! image
  • Tom - the exercises were the right exercises for the problem I had leading up to Brighton as evidenced by the fact that I ran Brighton completely pain free. 

    I made an assumption that when my knee became painful again it was exactly the same and so did the same exercises.  However, the problem is slightly different this time as although my ITB is involved, my sciatic nerve is also involved and the two exercises I was doing were upsetting that. 

    The lesson would be not to self diagnose but to go to the physio even if you think you know what the problem is.

    Every single biomechanical problem I suffer from has at the heart of it my scoliiosis.  I cannot get away without doing a lot of core work any longer. The clinic I go to has started offering one to one pilates on a reformer so I think I will invest in some intensive sessions.

  • Mava - Keep up what you think is best. I hope it recovers soon & all the best with the new job.

    Thanks for the gardening thoughts. I don't really mind what the visitors think tbh. This time of the year the place goes wild very quickly. Maintenance reduces the task in hand. I am surrounded by woods three sides and a river on the other. The ditches are all fairly wild. There is almost an acre of grass. The stones of the drive have the spring weeds still growing, out side the gates needs a spring clean. I was going to get it all done in the long weekend. Its just going to have to wait!!!!

    Mind u i'm getting bored - typified by the amount of visits to this training forum and i'm not training!!!. I want to go for a swim but am afraid that it might jar the calf.

  • Evenin' All,

    Tom:  I do like Daniels' training principles, but his schedules are very baroque.

    MadameO:  Did they have goth faeries in the 1950s American High Schools?  Does my badassery mean the engagement's back on? image

    mava:  Was mava, was.  Well done on getting the job.  As Stickless once said: "What am I not going to achieve simply because I haven't tried?"

    • What: 4.5m
    • Why:  VLM 2012
    • Last Hard: ?
    • Last Rest:  last last friday

    enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Wise words AF courtesy of Stickless

    Mava well done on the job

    What: 4.11 miles in 40:40
    Why: Deuce run
    Last Hard: Dodging and failing to avoid have a driink chucked at her
    Lyrics: No

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Tom: after effects are always the next morning, and always have been! Today was very gentle, but it remains a relatively long time on my feet. Shins, hamstrings and hips were all a little tender to start with, but after 20 mins I had loosened up, and the stomach ache that I have had off and on for a week also disappeared. The latter has returned, and my feet feel bruised, which, again, they always have after longer runs.

    Tom: on a different matter, Greta Waitz sad death reminded me that husband Jack also ran. Didn't he pace some of her marathons, or am I imagining that?

    AF: I know you say 2012 marathon, haven't you thought of an autumn one?

    Pammie: tell us more about the drink!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Alehouse - Rings a bell regarding Grete

    Oh the drink it was wet and chucked at me by some boys on bikes - well one boy thought i needed refreshing Thankfully it wasn't a full cup

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Had a great day here...

    Off to Eastleigh Parkrun, covered the garmin up after warm up, strapped the ankle just in case... and hit start button on the 3-2-1.... and off.... didn't look at garmin again till the finish straight...... 12th place and only 3 secs of a cours PB.... summary - OK and very happy, no reaction from the ankle (even got a good icing in the sea afterwards when we went down to devon for the day)......

    So just have to be careful of foot plant over the next few days, but other wise all seems good.

    Lyrics before I forget to post them are..... Runaway Son by Mike Oldfield.

  • Evening

    Mava: Well done on new job.

    RFJ: Good race.

    Lyrics:Not the ones I thought they were today. Don't ask.

  • Hi, been a very long time since I posted in here.

    Have been in and out of running for the last few years ... am having one final huzzah for 6 months before I hang them up for good.

     Currently trying to get my 5k time down to under 20 mins (otherwise I would not be able to do Norwich 5k). Given that I tried to run 5k 6 weeks ago and couldn't even get under 24 minutes, this is proving to be a rather tall order.

    Today: long run, should have been easy but I seem to be getting faster by the week and pace judgement is hard. Probably anxiety about getting faster led to me running it quicker than I should have. Distance - not a clue, shall I just say "long"? Time: 90 minutes. Wheels fell off a bit at the end, but I can definitely feel myself getting fitter, so I'm hoping all is not lost.

    Will have a go of my powerbreathe before bed as well.

    Good running all.

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