Replacements for Nike Equalon shoes??

Anybody able to point me in the direction of suitable replacement shoes?

My Nikes have given up the ghost and while I've looked at the new Nike range, being a heavier runner with a suspect running style, nothing seems to be a direct replacement.

I've also got fairly broad feet which rules out some brands/designs.

All (helpful) advice grarefully received


  • I used to have Equalons, now have Asics Gel 3020

    They are great for me as a fat boy overpronator, had a pair of 3010 before these and will get another pair without doubt. Ride comfort is superb and not too heavy or bulky.
  • After three pairs of Equalons I recently switched to Brooks Trance 10 and am very happy with them. Plenty of room for my broad feet and would definitely suggest you try a pair.

    If you fancy another pair of the Nike's they're still selling them on sports for £50 or £65 depending on colour.
  • I`ve moved to Brooks Adrenaline 12s which seem pretty good but not quite to the standard of Equalon 4s, at least in terms of long runs or hills.

    The occasional pair of Equalons do pop up on Ebay though:-

    Plus you get some in USA or Germany. They go for a decent price. Dunno why Nike scrapped them tbh!

  • Are there any replacements made by Nike? Really like the Equalons. Are the current Triax any good? 16s?

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