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Hi there,
I was just wondering if anyone had had a sports massage? I've heard that they are very painful and can cause bruising afterwards. Basically, are they worth the pain?


  • Yes.image
  • They don't have to be really deep, though I do like the deep ones! My physio's massage helped me get over a potentially ruinous calf injury that threatened my participation in a half marathon. Worth it just for that.
  • Well, that's one up-vote image Anyone else had any good/bad experiences?
  • Thanks Peter. I am a total wimp when it comes to pain but I've got a lot of weird lumps and bumps in my lower back (from hip to hip) that I should probably have looked at.
  • Hmmm. Have you tried a doctor for those?
  • No, they don't really bother me unless I do a lot of lifting or running. They just feel like little loose balls (grape sized) floating about my very lower back. Hopefully if I get the guts to book an appointment, the physio will be able to work them out for me.
  • Well, it'd be a start, and I'm no medical person, but that sounds a little odd to me... A good masseur/seuse would be able to tell you straight away if you have a contraindication ie something that wouldn't react well to massage.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    *takes deep breath* i will try not to hi-jack this threadimage....erm , Donna, they could jst be cysts floating about, but id get them checked out.
  • Exactly. I think you want to be sure they're not something you should be concerned about...
  • Just cysts floating about? That sounds awful! image Yeah, I'll have them checked out to rule out anything sinister, although they have been there for a very long time - I'm more aware of them after a long run or when I'm at work (manual job). Are cysts the same as knots?
  • yes, totally worth it - you sort of get used to the pain. Trigger point is also good (and also very very painful) but no bruises that I have ever noticed with either.
  • Sports massage can be a very deep form of soft tissue work, but you should not be coming away with bruises. Bruising is commonly the result of work that has been done too quickly and too deeply. A therapist needs to take the time to warm up the area thoroughly and work slower so the tissue is able to relax to accept the deep work. There will be times that you might come away with some bruising due to the condition of the tissues and the effect from the pressure of breaking up and separating any adhesions or scar tissue, but the more skillful the therapist the fewer the bruises.

    Certain types of pain feel great i.e. when the pressure gives a sense of "painful relief" rather than I want to run away from this.... can be a good thing.

    With regards to the lumps in the back, I agree with Loulabel they could be cysts, but you should have them checked out to confirm. Cysts do not typically hurt from training but can interfere in the function of the surrounding tissue if large enough or due to their location. When palpating them you should be able to move them about and they should not give you any pain. Have them checked out to confirm.

    I recommend regular sports massage from someone who has been properly trained and has the supportive knowledge and understanding to deliver remedial work. It will enhance your training and help prevent injuries.

    Hope you are enjoying this fantastic running weather.
  • Hi Susan,

    Wow, what brilliant advice. Thanks very much. I assume you are a physio or extremely keen on anatomy? Excellent information and much appreciated.


  • Well, I'm extremely keen on anatomy too, but you're not complimenting my advice! Harumph image
  • Haha, I'm very grateful for ALL the advice, Peter. It's brilliant to know there are lots of people out there to give some help when I am so completely clueless image

    Currently suffering through a cold - hope my energy returns by Saturday for the Highland Fling relay race on the west highland way.

    Happy running all.

  • so you run and fling at the same time? no wonder you get problems.
  • HI Donna, and Peter too...

    Thanks for the compliment, it is a field I am not only interested in but I run a school (NLSSM) and have written a book on the subject.

    Good luck on your run, better to feed yourself and rest well this week than train through a cold.

    All the best, Susan
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