Cycling not running...

During the Tour de France there was a very long thread on the old forum. At the moment the Vuelta is taking place in Spain, but no-one's mentioned it. Is it because Lance isn't playing? Anyway, I thought I'd mention it 'cos David Millar has snuck into the top 10 in the GC. Come On Dave!


  • Probably because the Tour gets so much coverage on Eurosport, and on ITV2, whereas the Vuelta gets much less coverage, and Eurosport only seem to slot it in when there is no other live sport on.

    Good for David, though. Nice to see a Scot doing well.
  • He's going for a Top 5 placing isn't he ?
    Hope he does it - that would bode well for next year.

    Speaking of Scots cyclists - where has Robert Millar, the former TdF King of the Mountains gone to ? Is he still riding and reviewing bikes ?
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