Any women who wear men's running shoes?

I have very broad feet, which expand width-ways when I run further than 15m or when it is hot and morton's neuroma, which means that when my feet get squished they squish my nerves and my toes go numb and my feet burn.

I've got New Balance running shoes, which have been great, unless I'm doing a marathon and its hot (i.e. Brighton, 2 weeks ago).But they're phasing out the width fittings and I'm having to think of other strategies.

Men's shoes seem to be much wider than women's, which sounds good, but is there a reason why I shouldn't wear them?  I'm neither lighter nor shorter than lots of men, which is the argument I've read?

Are there are any girls who prefer the fit of a men's running shoe?


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Mrs puffy wore a pair of my kayano's that I didn't get on with quite happily, and I remember Night Nurse off the 3:45 thread wore men's shoes and she does a lot of miles.  If you apply the same criteria that you would to any other shoe, why not?
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    I often buy mens running shoes.  I get a size 7 and often they're sold out in the womens range but in the sale for the mens as they're not such a common size for blokes.  I have wide feet at the front but skinny at the heel, so long as I can lace them so they don't slip at the heel they're fine.  Go ahead and grab yourself some bargains!
  • Ink BlotInk Blot ✭✭✭
    I'm wearing a pair of Men's Nikes at the moment. It's my second pair and I've had no problems. In fact, I've found them to be more cushioned than women's as they are designed for heavier runners.
  • I often wear men's running shoes. I'm a man.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    The reason why there are mens and womens running shoes is that men and women have different foot shapes and the shape of the shoe is suposed to reflect that.

    Odd thing is that it doesn't really work.

    I too have very wide feet, or at least a very wide forefoot and like you get numb toes and that burning sensation. I also have very narrow heels / ankles and a high instep / arch. Men do not normally have such a high arch or narrow heels. Mine are slightly extreme. I was advised by a podiatrist to wear boots that I could lace up as nothing else will fit my feet. image

    I have worn mens shoes but as I don't have long feet it is unusual for them to come in sizes small enough for me.

    I think that if womens specific fits don't suit you then don't buy them - try the mens sizes. Some of the mens shoes I've tried on have still been to narrow for me though, don't know what you'll find.

    Having said that, my Brooks off road shoes, Newtons and fastwitch are all quite wide in the forefoot.

  • I have to wear mens shoes all the time, as I am a size 10/11 and nowhere stocks them in womens sizes very often!

    I was told taht with running trainers in particular, the inside of the heel is different in mens and womens, which I have noticed since being told. I could do with some womens ones as I find the inside on the heels too hard. (I mean the side near the other foot, not actually inside)

  • oh, I didnt know NB were phasing out the width fittings - thats bad newsimage 

    I have similar trouble, and if my shoe isnt wide enough I also end up with awful burning/aching in my toes after about 5 milesimage. I currenly have NB shoes in a D fitting. I did buy a pair of mens NB trail shoes (ordered on-line) as I couldnt find a cheap pair in a womens D fitting, but oddly enough, although the mens are meant to be a D fitting, they are narrower than my ladies NB D fitting (and they come up shorter too despite being a 7, same as my other pair) So I would say just be sure to try them on, and if they fit, then thats the main thing , whether mens or ladies???

    Will now need to go ponder my next purchase as I'm about due for new running shoes.....

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I wear mens problem at all with them.

    I only wear womens main shoes as I have found a pair I like and they cost around £35 so I just keep buying them.

    I have noticed that womens shoes are getting wider so do try on a few pairs of womens as well just to be sure. 

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    I know lots of ladies who wear mens shoes without problem. It's worth bearing in mind that other manufacturers make various width fittings as well. Maybe time for a trip to your local running specialist to chat through with them?

    Well done on Brighton too. <insert smiley>
  • Thank you image  I was sure I saw you running Brighton, HappyChap.  I even waved.... it was only after I finished that Wickett pointed out that as he'd been standing on the sidelines with you, it was unlikely... so you have a dopelganger!

    My local running place only has NB in width fittings, so will go and explore alternatives. 

    Apparantly NB are moving to a new way of lacing that is supposed to suit all foot widths, but I suspect that those of us at the wider edge of the spectrum won't suit them.  I think that they've narrowed the current D width across the toe as well.  My newer shoes are much less wide than those I bought 2 years ago.

    Might have to go and have a little peruse in a bigger running shop.  That sounds like a nice day out image

  • My first and favourite pair of running shoes were men's asics. They were so comfy and it never bothered me that they were mens. They were whitish in colour, I don't know if that makes a difference. Love them !image
  • I wear mens' shoes (Nike  Equalons) as I have large and wide feet and also have full length orthotics.  I've only ever worn mens shoes and it hasn't done me any harm.

    I also wear mens tops and tights - I'm 5'10" tall and a lot of women's stuff comes up on the short side.  I bought a pair of winter tights last season (womens') and they were so short, they barely came down to my calves. 

    Of course, men's black is very different from women's black. . . image

  • Same here - i'm 5'10" and i too wear mens tights and trainers.


    have you tried skechers? They have nice reviews

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