Breathing Question

Whilst idling away a couple of hours at the airport on Friday I was reading an article in the current RW regarding breathing through your nose and how this is the recommended most effective way to breath whilst running, well I tried it on my runs over the weekend and could not get on with this, I am very comfortable breathing through my mouth however if I am wishing to improve should I change my technique ?.


  • As a wise man once said "breathe through your ears if necessary" :)
  • Tunney,

    Not much use if I run with headphones.

    But thanks.
  • Seriously though, in through the nose out through the mouth is what I have always read and been told.
  • I find that I can't get enough air in through my nose alone when I'm on anything but an easy run.
  • Fat face, could blubber be obstructing your nose? :)

    I find that if I have to switch to in-mouth, out-mouth I have much less chance of maintaining that pace.
  • Tunney

    I think I could maybe adjust to that technique but I just feel I can get a good lung full of air through my mouth, some may say its because I have a big mouth and there is an element of truth in that, but why would it make a diference ? air is air.
  • Why would it make a difference? IMHO breathing in and out thru the same office increases the chances of hyper-ventilation at fast paces. In-mouth, out-nose is a bugger imho so I reckon that in-nose, out mouth has to be the best :)

    Am I wrong?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Mouth only for me - always get a streaming snotty nose when running.
  • in nose, out mouth

    also apparently (according to a biologist friend of mine, for what that's worth) if you are running through the bitter winter months breathing in through the nose pre-warms the air and helps prevent lung damage
  • Nose tends to be clogged with winter snot or summer pollen and certainly in no state to breathe through at any pace other than (occasionally) complete rest.

    Maybe that's why I have such a problem with swallowing flies on a run.

  • I have no idea how anyone can enough air in through their nose while running!

    Just read today that Lance Armstrong, while working hard on a climb, breathes in through his mouth AND nose! Try that!
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