The Great Langdale Trail Run [Half Marathon]

Anyone signed up for this one.  7 of us are thinking about it, we were wondering what sort of runners were doing it. Our times will range from 2-3 hrs. Sounds like a nice course,if tough .


  • Need to do a half this year. Can't think of a nicer place to do it. Similar time in GNR although that was on roads... I'm in.

  • I'm doing it, my HM road time is 2:11 so in the same area. A couple of good climbs but lots of runnable sections and downhill to. I've done some sections whilst there on holiday before, looking forward to the event.
  • Just noticed, they could do with condensing the entries for this event into 1 for HM and one for 10k as its massively confusing for anyone new looking at the event. They are two entries for the HM, one indicates online entry only the other entry on day plus online. They are both the same event however. Same goes for 10K.
  • The official site has the 'Half Marathon' down as being 18k.....which is a little short.....
  • They are hoping to re-establish it as a half marathon. I noticed this when I looked at the map on mapmyrun, which was 20K originally and put a comment on there for the organizers. It got reduced to 18k as they had permission withdrawn for a section of the course. The bit that got removed involved running up a narrow access road, which they'd have to close for safety reasons. so I presume the owners weren't happy about this and withdrew there consent. They are trying to get that section back or re-route it somehow.
  • Im in image 
  • Boothy 4, Any room for another .........image
  • Just checked website, and route back upto 20k, suspect they may put in a loop at finish to make it upto 21k. Is a much faster route, with the only climbs being at the same point were the two course loops join (and it is a real climb, done it before on a normal run and brought me to a crazy skipping/walk action). Is actually quite a course change from the original one.
  • Hi Sarah

    ((and it is a real climb, done it before on a normal run and brought me to a crazy skipping/walk action)

    it sounds like a challenging run i'll give it a go image.

  • challenging but fun and great sceneryimage
  • I m in for this, more challenging the better, bring on the hills image
  • Im really looking forward to this too lets hope its sunny but not too hot
  • me too, I think temperatures will be about average judging by forecast for weeks ahead around 15-16 degrees. Whether it rains or not, in the lap of the gods.
  • How did you all find it?  My forerunner measured it at 11.5 miles? unsure if my watch is playing up or the distance was incorrect but was a good run and enjoyed the trails, now looking forward to seeing the reults and photos as i have not a clue where i came with the 10k finishing with the 20K.
  • my suunto with footpod measured at about 12 miles, I set if of a bit late as forgot to press the button. but I measured on my os mapping software the bit I missed with the watch and it came to 12ish miles.  GPS can be a bit doggy under trees so it my have lost signal hence low mileage.  I enjoyed it too, just got my offical photos via email, so just waiting to see my offical time
  • Sarah,

    Do you have the photographers website? WOW if it was just over 12 mile I m happy with my unofficial time of 1:29:12, think I was in the top ten but a little unsure???? Did not find it very hilly or hugely challenging and wished I stride out a little more but enjoyed the views and last ½ mile sprint once I realised I could see the finish and I hadn’t got another 1.5 mile to go. Must admit when I turned up thought we where going up and down the hill in front of Great Langdale a few times lol! Been in those sorts of races before!!image Running the Great Langdale Marathon this year for the first time, do you know how hilly that is?

  • My forerunner measured it as 11.5 miles but when inputted into the Good Run Guide it came out as 12.4 miles actual distance covered.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the race. The climbs were not too bad and so a relatively fast time for me.

    Not sure when the results come out and where to get hold of them. Anybody seen them yet?

  • I got the link for photographs from adventure challange solutions facebook page link is  As a mainly road runner who runs on trails when they can it was quite a test at times for me, ecspecially with my short legs and the climb through the woods from the quarry and then the steps near colwith I'm not used to that so had to walk them sections along with the bit along the river with the tree roots.  But I hope to be back next year and prehaps I'll manage to run a bit more of them steep sections.
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