new forest half

can anyone give me a quick description of the ups and downs on the new forest half on Sunday - drove the route a few months ago and it seemed to be all up - help!


  • i guess if it ends up at the same place as it starts then it must even out... (that's the only consoling thought).

    there's a few of us down there - check out the other "new forest half" threads

    look for me: too heavy ex rugby player in the Forum running vest (royal blue with a yellow hoop)

    what time you aiming for? - - i'd be happy with sub 2 hrs at the mo.

    did you know your surname means "morning " in hungarian?

    good luck, linda
  • I did it the last two years, and really don't remember it being that hilly but I may well be wrong. It finishes on a long downhill, which is nice.

  • Hi There ,

    I am doing the Marathon and have foolishly misplaced the info-pack.Do you know what time it starts and from where . many thanks
  • Paul
    The Marathon starts at 11:30 on Station Road,
    which is the main shopping street in New Milton
    so its easy to find.
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