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HI all,

I'm looking for ideas for events to do next year as part of a fundraising series. My plan is to try to do 12 different types of event throughout the year. A mix of running, cycling, Duathlon and maybe even a short tri.

I already have a Marathon booked for April, a 10K for May and a 100km cycle ride for June. what i now need are events for the rest of the year. Different distances etc. If possible in or around the SE as i live in London and have 4 kids so cant always travel away for the weekend.

Lets get creative and see what I can do?

Oh yeah, just for Info i am raising money for the National Autistic Society.




  • Sodbury Slog in November..9-ish miles of mud and slurry, pizza afterwards.
  • good idea Kwilter. thats Nov takwn care of then. Do you know when entries open?
  • This week I think...there's a thread for it somewhere near the top of this forum
  • October is Beachy Head Marathon monthimage it's very different to a road mara being all off-road and (a little bit) hilly so would count as a different tye of event I think - very sociable and a lovely day out image

  • i'd agree with B beachy head marathon for october join there mailing list tho as it books up quick. i know you want local but tough guy is worth a look you can it in january ( ice cold water) or july ( twice around some of the course) it is in the midlands tho but take a look at there website www.toughguy .co.uk. and if you want somethin that starts local theres the london to brighton ultra run in september its 56 miles. good luck
  • Thanks, may consider Beachy, but as the furthest i have ever run is a Half last year, i will need to consider the ultra.
  • What a great idea. Is the idea an event a month? I was thinking about a marathon a month myself.

    Road marathon - booked
    Off road marathon - beachy head or belvoir challenge
    Tough guy
    Half marathon
    Ultra marathon - fairlands valley challenge 50km
    10km - booked
    100km cycle ride - booked
    100 mile cycle ride - Norwich has one
    10 miler

    There's 12
  • thanks Mr Spoons,
    yes the plan is 1 a month.
    some interesting suggestions there.
  • Hi there,

    How about entering a backward running race. This year there is the London backward running champs is in July (in crystal palace park) and the UK Champs in manchester in august.  more info at www.reverserunning.com

    the dates and venues should be about the same for 2012.

    and another running idea is the maldon mud race in essex or the tything barn bare if you dare 5km in wales. you did say creative didn't you?

    Good luck for your challenge.  all the best

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    You can enter Beachy as a walker or jogger, you don't have to run.

    There used to be an assault course in Ashdown forest that was fun - did it when I was much younger.

    What about orienteering - that's great fun. http://www.dfok.co.uk/content/events/NorthWestKentSeries2011.pdf

    There are event near Brighton as well.

    How about track and field events?

    S.O.D. Sussex Obstacle Dash

  • What about being part of a relay?

    Edinburgh marathon have the hairy haggis relay or something closer to home, Luton marathon.

    I think Reading half has a relay too.
  • if you don't mind travelling there is also  a race in dartmoor in september. it's only about one mile but entrants have no idea where the start will be until they are dropped off.  plus all paths, roads and tracks are out of bounds. competitors must make their way back to the finish in the village of widecombe off-piste.  a classic race that should attract sponsorship. 
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