AA-Drink Pro Energy

   Can anyone tell me where I can but this drink.

   I am running the Amsterdam Marathon in October and this is the energy drink that they give out.



  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    I ran Amsterdam in 2008 and tried to find it before that (& failed). Not sure if you can order it online anywhere but I was unsuccessful when trawling the sports shops in Holland during the previous summer.

    In the event, I held off until about 20 miles before trying it and ended up finding it very palatable and easy on the stomach. Obviously everyone is different, but I have since found that I cannot tolerate Lucozade or Nuun electrolyte drinks while running, so I think that's a recommendation.

     Good luck with the hunt. image

  • I found a website in spain where they sell the product:


    But they also tell if you want to buy from outside spain to contact them in advance:

     for orders outside of Spain, please send us an e-mail to info@productosholandeses.com 

  • Ad2502 - did you have any luck? I'm in the same situation and would like to try before Oct.

  • frank1e

    No, I haven't really been trying. I will start to again. Let me know if you have any luck.

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