Training tunes

What stuff do you plug into for a good training session

Just discovered Mogwai awesome stuff for the turbo also on the RBM turbo playlist at the moment
PJ Harvey - Let England shake
The Editors - An End Has a Start
The Vacinnes - what dis you expect from the vaccines
Noah and the Whale -Last Night on Earth
Yuck - yuck
Glasvegas-Euphoric Heartbreak
any body got any good recommends


  • Ramones 1st album, run in time to the music and PB your 5K
  • Swedish House Mafia
    David Guetta
    Metallica - the black album
    The faster Faithless stuff

    Barbers Adagio for Strings the dance version by Tiesto

    Popiholla by Chicane

    Snow Patrol greatest hits on long slow runs.

    and my guilty pleasure The  Rocky 4 soundtrack.

  • Ramones Gabba Gabba Hey!!! I had that one on the original vinyl may have to start rebuying my old 70s punk stuff as the LPs are long gone image
    another good turbo favorite Blink 182
  • Running in time with the Ramones? Surely impossible.

    I must admit I just like to shuffle it, but Fujiya & Miyaga is good stuff to run to.
  • Possible, but you do have to get a shuffle on. it's about 90 per minute, also very good for your cadence on the bike. Live recording , it's not possible, too quick.
  • most ac/dc
    some of the more uptempo stuff from the cult and chemical brothers (galvanise is a fantastic track)

    gentle 90min run today to inxs gretest hits which I've not listened to  for ages

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