How old do you want to be ?



  • Welcome strawb
    I only take notice of the good news. I've just found out I'm only 36.1, not 40 at all.
    Fantastic. Thanks for the tip Beth.
    Off to celebrate with more alcohol.
  • Hello strawb - definitely less, as less is more, isn't it? I'm amazed that no one has worked out the answer to the puzzle I set, or perhaps it's more likely that no one could be bothered. Answer is 49. And I'm 42 tomorrow - and I really don't care!

  • Sythree,

    Happy 42nd, or should that really be 49th, or should that really be somewhere in between based on some kinda compromise ?????
    Anyway happy 45.3th birthday by my book !!!

    ps. what puzzle ?

    pps. they probably couldn't be bothered but give them time (is this in some way perhaps be linked to an age group and personal vanity theory . . . hey, we are suddenly back on to this particular thread . . . I think ???)
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