Sunday 1st May 2011

Monthly stats for April and 61hours of training

Total Run - 200.8
Total Swim - 2.8
Total Bike -542.51


What: 3hour bike ride AM
Swim PM
Why: getting on with it
Last hard: Thursday
Last rest: ?????


  • what: just over 30min recovery run
    why: starting the recovery and hoping the hamstring gets better quickly

    thanks all for your congrats yesterday.

    Tom - yes my partner is a very good runner. he has a marathon PB from a few years back of 2.23, and he won rotorua marathon back in 2003. but he was just out for a run round the course yesterday, and seemed to be quite enjoying it when I saw him finishing. we ran together this morning and he seemed none the worse for wear for a marathon yesterday!

    so anyway - 5 weeks to Christchurch half marathon. sub 1.30? I'll certainly be trying.
  • What have you done to the hamstring M? Are we going to get a race report?

    Gobi - is that 2.8 hours swimming in the whole month?

    BSCDB - hope you can walk today!

    Yesterday's lyrics - Have a Nice Day by the Stereophonics.

    What:              short, easy swim
    Why:                RHR up and trying to ease the legs before tomorrow
    Last hard:      must be that long bike
    Last rest:       25/4

    Lyrics - maybe

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    M. - Congrats on the half marathon pb and congrats to your partner too. You made it sound so easy out there.

    Rotorua Marathon Report  Saturday - 30 April - thanks guys for all the well dones - but it wasn't pretty out there!

    I got stung by another wasp the day before and my arm was aching, red and itchy!

    Saturday was great for spectators - it was a beautiful sunny day - too hot for running. I was in trouble early on and very over-heated. I kept tipping water over my head, was hoping for something in the 3.40 type range, but it just got slower and slower and I was in a major marathon shuffle.

    I was feeling bad so early I had to tell myself to cut it out, that even in my best marathon I wouldn't have finished by then. The organisers started the marathon walkers 90 minutes in front of the runners so even though I was feeling bad, at least I was catching walkers.

    I knew only 2nd in my age-group was up for grabs, as the person who has the world's best W60 marathon time was running, but when I had a toilet stop I saw a grey haired lady in front of me so I pretty much thought I might be 3rd. So 3.55.20 chip time, very happy to finish..

  • LMUH - looks like just a slight pull. Tight and mildly sore. Did it at the 10k race on Monday.

    Seeing as you asked:

    We had to be at the buses for 7.45 - to get us to the start which is half way round the marathon loop. Buses were on time and we were at the start by 8am. Our start also wasn't till 10am though. And it was 6 degrees. Brrrrr. At 9.30 I started my warm up - but stopped it again at 9.40 - hamstring still tight and mildly sore. Enough to worry about but not enough to stop me running. I decided to try and nurse it through, run well within myself and come back to fight another day. I also decided to run without a watch so I couldn't push myself for a time, and end up hurting my hamstring more.

    I lined up about 2-3 rows back, and at 10am off we all went. I could see a handful of women ahead of me. About 2k in my hamstring was still hurting but getting no worse. At 3k I asked the person next to me for a time check - 13.30. 4.30 per km. OK - I'd be pretty happy with that. At 4k we turned into the headwind that would be with us all the way to the end. Not strong but persistent. At 5k we hit the only significant hill - 1.3km of climb. Which seemed to fly by. Down the other side was less good. I couldn't stride out so had to take lots of choppy little strides. But the km markers were flying past now. At 10k I asked for another time check from a friendly bloke. 43.30. 4.33 per km. Slowing a bit but ok. Hang on? Bad maths. 4.21 per km. Really? Hmmmm.

    For the next few km I just ran. I felt really comfortable but every time I pushed I'd get a twinge from the hamstring. But now I could see the two women in front of me. Getting closer. But not quickly enough. I started trying to chase them down. But just really wasn't making much headway. The hamstring wasn't hurting so much though. I ran the last few km hard, getting closer to those women, but with no real chance of catching them. The only km which seemed to take a long time was the last one - very twisty and turny with no idea where the finish was (it was round a corner so you were no more than 15m away from it when you saw it!)

    But hang on - that clock said 1.30.40. That can't be right. Really?!

    In fact it wasn't right. The final results show 1.30.58. But I'm still astonished. I ran a 77second PB and I have no idea how.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Lyrics sound familur....

    Apr stats - 135.02m

    Nice reports M and NZC to go with the well dones.

    Plan a few easy miles later and maybe the gym too.

    Take care

  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    Great report M. Nice to feel so strong even with a bit of a dodgy hamstring!

    It must sound strange that M. said her start was cold, but that was around the back of the lake and one of the only places that there was shade on, and of course M. was out for a lot shorter time than I was!

    My husband said it was 25 degrees and there were plenty of sunburnt people around.

  • Race report:

    I'll try not to waffle. You ever seen a grown man cry? I almost did cry doing this, no idea of what was ahead of me, I was off like a lamb to the slaughter. I had intended to do this as a training run,whooops!

    Got to the race expo after catching train from Geneva to Lausanne, lovely scenery on the way. Organisation was fairly smooth and I lined up at 6.20 pm ready to go (not sure what's up with the late start).  Just before the start I had a swiss guy say something to me in French, to which I replied "je ne comprends pas" and my best Gallic shrug. He then said something else to a guy behind me. Probably: "that English fool has no idea what he's about to receive".

    Nice and smooth start and I was up and running quite quickly. The starts were phased, as I say, good organisation. The whole thing started off fairly flat, as we ran alongside the lake (wow, the scenery). I was whoping for about 1:40 ish and to find it fairly easy. No splits on my watch but I remember going through 1k in 5:30. Not long after a guy suffered a bad fall in a group right in front of me, he really bounced off the pavement. He was carrying a bottle of powerade or similar, that went flying. Didn't strike me as a good idea. I looked over my shoulder and he had that dazed and confused look people have if they wonder: "did I leave the oven on?" as his mates helped him.

    It was flat until 3km, then it got a bit bumpy for a couple of km, then we started the inexorable (or should I say ineffable) climb to the summit at the castle (12km). I managed to get to 10km at just under 50 minutes, but then the gradient started to tell and the wheels started to come off. I had my name printed on my number (everyone does), and the support keeps you going, it really is a great race in the home of the olympics. Lots of high fives and people calling your name in a french accent. "ALLEZ BREEE-ON"; "BREEE-ON!"; "GO BREEE-ON!". I was half hoping for Jane Birkin to say in a husky voice "Je t'aime Breee-on", alas it was not forthcoming.

    I'd never walked during a half before but the final little hill to the top I just had tp walk, it was too much, legs were really not happy at this point. It seemed to give me a little breather, and I was soon on my way downhill into the town square. By this time I was 2 minutes outside the 5 min/km pace, but I wasn't too fussed. There were some really steep downhills and that made my quads start to scream again, but at least I was fairly confident it was all downhill from here. Getting to 15km and now I was starting to get into pain. But i just tried to keep going, ouch ouch OUCH. Then I distinctly remember at 17km, not far from getting onto the flat just thinking: "this last 3 is going to hurt". My legs were too sore, I couldn't raise them with enough strength to keep the pace up, and I had to walk again.

    I got into the park, justa  couple of miles left and I was like a wheezing old jalopy. I just needed a sign on my back saying: "Running in, please pass." Not that anyone needed a second invitation as people went flying past the clapped-out old banger that was me. Someone shouted my name and to be honest I gotreally choked. 1km to go and my legs were hardly functioning. I kept on walking and then staggering and a brief run before walking again. I got to the track 200 m to go and to be honest, I was half tempted to jack it all in as a bad job. Never have I got round a track so slow. Until the last 30m when I somehow managed a sprint finish of sorts.


    (Apart form 2 mile walk back to metro).

    Special mention to the guy who ran with clown shoes over his running shoes. (Yes, I did beat him.)

  • It definitely wasn't cold once it got to race time - but we were sat out there for 2 hours beforehand. We'd scraped ice off the car to drive into town at 7.30! It was warm for the run though for sure.

  • (and I finished in 1:45.)
  • LMH - that was 2.8 miles !!!!!! :¬)
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    BCDB - sounds a good hard race, well done for toughing it out
  • Blimey - I out trained Gobi! Admittedly only in the swim but still image

    M - even better result with a dodgy hamstring from the off then - that sub 1.30 must be yours for the taking in five weeks.

    NZC - well fought for. Hope you're pleased with yourself.

    BSCDB - ouch.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon.

    31k on the bike that goes nowhere and a circuit with core after.

    Off to see the wizard tomorrow - hopefully will be able to run soon after!!!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    BCDB - Sounded a tough race - didn't envy you the walk bsack to the metro

    NZC - Really well done great result.. Really pleased for you Bummer about the wasp sting. Hope you are ok

    M - Maybe you were a lot quicker because you didn't have a watch sometimes i think they can hold you back a bit. Yes there good to make sure you don't start too fast  but sometimes i think they can hold you back its a fine balance.
    Your partner is a speedy chap.

    What: 7.89 miles brisk 9:56 pace
    Why: wanted to make it 30 miles this week sad and bad
    Last Hard: Today a lot of headwind
    Lyrics No

    Also cycled home from work this morning 7½ miles in 41:28 headwind most of the way its not normally like this - horrible but thats done now. Was tired still when i set out so don't understand how i ran that quick esp with the bike legs on

    Run 105 miles Best month since March 2010
    Bike 82 miles

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon.

    Bryan - well battled mate, and the usual hair raising report.

    M/NZC - thanks for the reports. sounds like pretty trying conditions out there.

    Pammie - I think that's the quickest effort I've seen you post here for quite a while.

    Paddy - I think you said your calf is about 90%. When are you hoping to get back on the road.

    For me, it was 9.1 miles steady. Overall a bit weary from yesterdays strength work - I'm now back using weights, albeit very light. Surprisingly no hip flexor issues, but I'm sure I'll get a few reminders of my vulnerability over the next few days.

    My stats since the start of the years are:

    Jan - 16miles off 7 days running, 6 days rest: Ave run 2.3m per session
    Feb - 98 miles off 20 days running, 8 days rest: Ave run 4.9m per session
    March - 187 miles off 25 days running, 6 days rest: Ave run 7.5m per session
    April - 141 miles off 24 days running, 4 days rest, 2 days injury: Ave run 5.9m per session

    April's miles were restricted by hip flexor issues, but I did end with a 50 mile week.
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    Enjoyed the reports, not least of BCDB's fell-like road race. Well battled, and well battled NZC. M: I'm sure there is lots more to come.

    What: 30 mins steady (with the same yesterday). Both off road, but it is getting increasingly rutted.
    Why: unsure at the moment...struggled rather for the last few days
    Last hard: running on tired legs.
    Last rest: 495 days ago

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Alehouse - I'm interested in your steak. Is it something that has just happened or is it a deliberate challenge to immortality.

    In the past I've run up streaks of up to 500-600 days. They are normally fuelled by a fear that if I miss even a single day's training all my accumulated fitness will evaporate overnight . This is the flipside of the belief that I have to train twice as hard to be half as good as everyone else.

    On another level, I think when I'm running well- pain and injury free, I just want to make the best of it. My current comeback was planned to take into account my frailties, so I planned a three day run, one day rest regime, that was quickly abandoned in favour of a six day run, one day rest schedule....currently it's 11 days since my last rest! I think there's something mildly pathelogical about thisimage

    I suppose what its all about, is the way you run, how you believe you should approach it, your running values, the period they were matter what you learn or are told after this, none of this will effect the only way you know how to train.

    I hope that makes sense to somebody.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Tom thanks - training is coming together and my times in traing. Don't always post times on here usually post them on over 60s. Been edging near 10 min miles for a few weeks now. My normal easy run would of been 10:30-10:40 still early days

    I can't answer for alehouse but hpe you don't mind me chiming in, but i'm a former streaker only 293 days i found it was my best time training wise, feel stronger at this time. Currently on Day 33 and i guess i can see improvements already Granted its mostly easy which i think it has to be. Not sure why but it takes away the Will i run today and replaces it with how far.

    I'm convinced its a good method for me. i feel more mentally stronger doing it  

  • Tom - I'm off to see the smt tomorrow. Hopefully i'll get going for an easy run on Tuesday. I'll do whatever i'm told. I have 100% trust in this guy who is deffo not a "take three weeks of rest" and come back to me. His approach is to get me going as soon as he can, but not before i'm ready. I'm happy enough to be keeping up a bit of fitness, but have a few things at the end of May that i don't want to miss including the Olympic Marathon route test run in London - flights booked and all!!

    Danny Boy - that looked like a toughie. I'd say that sorted youre erection out!!!!!

    Regarding streaks, i once was a streaker but when i realized that one day's rest wouldn't be the end of me I've religiously had a rest day every week. I don't know if its good or bad, it's what i do. Mind you, here i am laid up!!!
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Tom: perfect sense! With regard to the streak my fear is that if I miss a day I may well be tempted to miss another one, and then another one. Nothing to do with losing all my fitness overnight! Longest streak was over 11 years, but not sure it did me any good! When I was running at my best I always took Friday off. I would probably be best forming a strict plan and sticking to it. There is a bit of a plan each week where I try to include 1 x LSR, 1 x hills, 1 x reps, but in general I just run as I feel, which is fine as I have no great ambitions at present (quick note to self, just under a 1000 days until the new age group). Am considering a review of my "plan" though to try and up the miles, injuries permitting. I need a stricter flexibility/strengthening regime too. Further note to self: I coach others quite well but I guess its a case of "do what I say, not what I do." 

     Cross post with Pammie: totally agree with "Will i run today and replaces it with how far.

    I'm convinced its a good method for me. i feel more mentally stronger doing it." There is a definite mental strength from going out when you don't want to , and from going out every day come rain or shine etc.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Alehouse - 11 years i'm impressed - i do agree with you in that  that day off could turn into 2, 3 or more
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    "I'm convinced its a good method for me. i feel more mentally stronger doing it "

    From what you post Pammie it seems that the purpose of the streak is to develop mental toughness. For me it's the other way round, I have the mental toughness, I'm just afraid that every time I compromise my approach to training that mental toughness will gradually be eaten away... possibly the same view as Alehouse.

    FWIW, if I could run 100 miles a week again at the fastest pace I can manage, without my body crumbling under the strain, then I would. To my mind that's the only way to race at the levels that would give me satisfaction.
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