Have you ever tripped while out running

from one of those metal rings you get off car wheel trims that flipping come off.
I had occasions when out running, then suddenly the foot gets caught in the ring,
then you down in agony and pain. Bloody hate drivers. Evil fu***ers! image




  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭
    I tripped on a tidy bit of concrete hiding on the edge of a grassy patch. Down and then along tarmac. Both hands & knees ripped open.

    Continued running home & was just pleased with myself though that I didn't get any blood on my trainers or kit.
  • Yes done exactly that, I stepped on the ring which caused it to spring up and the following foot got caught in it. Went down like a sack of spuds. Luckily was on grass verge so didn't get hurt.
  • I had twice this year. Both in the dark. First tripped but luckily without injury.
    Second tripped, went down, cuts to both elbows and a bang to the cheekbone.
  • Last year I went flying down on a busy country road. Luck was definitely on my side. Totally shocked and crawled on to the grassy bank, knees took the worst and couldn't move. Very kind driver stopped and gave me a lift home. And what did I trip over.........nothing. Really shook me up.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    From the one liner of this thread, have you ever tripped while running, I was thinking..has anyone who runs managed to not trip! Amazing if there is anyone who hasn't.

    But yeah those bloody metal wheel bits. I remember politely stepping aside to let some big fat oaf on a bike have the path...whilst I heroicly stepped aside onto some rougher grass, only to be tripped by some invisible but dangerous bit of metal rimming.

    Aforementioned oaf, just carried on without even a word, defying science with his massive weight on this poor little bike.

    The oaf image

  • Not on a bit of wheel trim, but I got trapped by some discarded fishing line last week. Walking along minding my own, and suddenly I couldn't movemy right leg.

    Bloody careless fishermen, clear up after yourselves!

  • I thought this was going to be a thread about finding some magic mushrooms whilst out on a run.
  • In 1998 I tripped on my front door step as I was heading out for a run and broke my left ankle, it was also 8 weeks before I got married - I got the plaster off on time!!
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    I went out a month or so ago to do a trial run round the block after a course of acupuncture on my back. my back was still a bit sore but had been given the ok to run again. (damage is in the small of my back), there's me trotting along very very carefully to not jar it and I caught my toe on a raised drain cover, yeeeee ouch, did a comedy flailing of arms and legs but by some miracle stayed on my feet image

     back survived the incident as well


  • I did the Carlton London Run in the mid-90s. It was a big race held in Battersea Park on a
    Wednesday night and live on local TV. I was at the front and once it started, I tripped.
    It took time to get back up as I was trampled over by the herd of runners behind me.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Kryten wrote (see)
    I thought this was going to be a thread about finding some magic mushrooms whilst out on a run.
    Me too.  I was gonna mention the time I actually physically found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at the end of a 4 mile tempo run.  It was pretty heavy.
  • Oh yes! Whilst learning my daughter to ride her bike she had just mastered riding with two wheels but was a bit wobbly. I decided to run round our estate with her whilst she was riding her bike - she started to wobble I tried to stop her falling tripped over front wheel and fell face first on the pavement cracking the bottom off my two front teeth - blood everywhere and a costly trip to the dentist followed!
  • I tripped and slightly (thankfully) twisted my ankle on my way to the starting line at yesterdays Keswick half marathon!

     Worst ever was last summer though.  Running on a perfectly flat road out of the blue I went flying.  No idea what caused it and didn't have time to break my fall with my hands, so used my teeth and face instead image.  I'll always be thankful to the kindly van driver who saw what happened and ran me home afterwards despite me bleeding all over his passenger seat.

  • I was doing the Liverpool half last month and at about the 12 mile mark my toe hit the road which caused me to trip. Some how I summersaulted landing on my back and rolled back onto my feet, I only had a small graze on the outside of my left knee and elbow. Its the first time I've fell while out running and was thankful I wasn't hurt.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Frequently - usually over nothing so obvious as a chunk of anything.

    I've skinned the palm of my hand, my right knee has a permanent pale patch where I've skinned the same place several times, and currently my left shoulder is a bit iffy from tripping over twice in ONE RUN (my excuse - there was snow on the ground and it hid things!)

  • As the weather got drier in March, I decided it would be nice to run along the Thames path and across the surrounding footpaths near Cookham. First time out tripped on uneven ground and broke my little finger on my right hand.

    Never fallen before in 2 years of running, only just had the wires taken out.(ouch)

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    A few years ago, I was running through Beaulieu and stepped into a wire ring, which trapped both of my feet. I immediately fell, with both legs up in the air. I cut my arms and legs quite badly, but otherwise was not hurt. Luckily, there were public toilets almost opposite, so I was able to wash my wounds in a sink with soap and hot water. I then limped the remaining 5 miles home.
  • Twice this winter on the same bit of hidden bramble in rough grass, the second time I even knew it was there and it still got meimage
  • I had an epic trip image

    I was out running on the pavement and tripped, landed on my hands, and dislocated my right shoulder.

    The worst thing was I was due to run the Llanelli Marathon (my first one) the following weekend! I had been training for three months and that run had been the dress rehearsal lol.

    Anyways, signed up for the Nottingham Marathon in September and did my first proper run on Sunday (a cheeky 6miler) four weeks after the dislocation, so fingers crossed!
  • OMG.. searched for "tripping over wheel trim" and got your guys. Yes, this past weekend was out for a 10 miler and at 6.5 miles my ankles were trapped ("foot-cuffed" I guess) and fell face forward. Luckily I had some thin gloves on and my hands were only mildly scraped with blood. Hit my chin a little but thank God I braced myself with my hands... Worst part was my left bicep hurt for a while from the impact of bracing myself. My knee was banged up a little; but was able to finish my run. A very rare occurance as you would have to hit the wheel trim on the right spot to flip it up... but looks like you can google anything and find commonalities these days. Always good to stay alert out on the roads. Best to all that had this happen.    

  • Tripped while running along the edge of a beach as the water had coved a small hole. My foot went onto it and of course I fell into the water and I got soaked !image

    I stood up and bowed to the two people who were on the beach at the time who both laughed and then clapped meimage

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    Not a trip but I've had my foot loose grip completely while turning a harmless corner. Frost I guess. AnywY I landed squarely on my elbow/upper arm which remained tender for a while but nothing broken at least.

    Otherwise I'm always catching my foot on speed humps when running in the dark. I really should invest in a head torch.
  • Running a night race over the Brecon Beacons raining all day and night 16 ish miles into it, approaching another runner whilst going down hill, tripped landed on my back and passed him head first, must have slipped in the mud for 10/15 metres he did ask me if I was ok tho while we were both laughing.

  • The question for me is not, do you trip? It's, how often do you trip?!

    For me it's about once a year to 18 months. What about others? Hard to know if I'm clumsy or normal!
  • I've never actually gone over as the result of a trip, but I have hit the deck from slipping in mud, both times going down steep hills. The first time must have looked brilliant as I landed on my left butt cheek, left hand also on the ground. It was chucking it down and I was going a smooth grassy hill. I slid for ages in that position, before somehow managing to get back on my feet without actually stopping and straight back into running again.

    The second time was not so graceful. Feet out from under me and I went down like a sack of spuds. No injuries to speak of from either occasion.

    Never tripped on the road but then, I spend most of my time on trails so I'm used to looking where I'm going! Tripped loads of times on the trails but never fallen.

  • I tripped on the pavement near my house, catching me completely my surprise and slamming my face and right hand into the pavement. The most expensive bit was scratching my main glasses and needing completely new lenses. 

    It was my own fault. There is a woman who walks her dogs near me, with a permanent scowl and always complaining at the dogs. I was too busy looking at her and wondering if she had ever been happy when...bang. To her credit she did stop to check I was okay.

  • I've had lots of trips and falls.  The funniest was not really a trip - I ran into some strands of barbed wire which I didn't see stretched across a small gap.  I was lucky not to damage some near waist height delicate parts of my anatomy.

    Two years ago I slipped on a wet drain cover while cornering when picking up speed towards the end of a Parkrun. I came down hard on my side and fractured my elbow (olecranon) which acts as the cup part of the joint. 

    It's a bugger to fracture and one I would not recommend breaking!  The recovery process was long involving lots of painful physio.  I now have the range of movement limited somewhat at both ends of the range and hence cannot straighten my arm anymore.  Apparently, I am lucky in that I do not have any stiffness (or pain) so I am very thankful for that.  I am planning to return in a few weeks time to the same course for the first time since that accident!

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭
    I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    My right arm and shoulder have a few scars from me taking a tumble when out running. For some odd reason when I go down I twist my torso in mid-flight so as to land on my right instead of doing a straight flop onto my front.

    The best one was a proper flyer at the end of a 16-mile hard trail run (the 2012 Midsummer Munro Olympic special). With a couple of hundred yards to go, I tripped over something and down I went, onto a stony and gritty chalk trail. I was only wearing a singlet on top so I skinned my shoulder and half my arm.

    I've come a cropper similarly on a coastal path, and landed not that far from the edge of a very high cliff. And another time I managed to stay upright throughout a half marathon across uneven fields, only to trip on the ledge of a wooden bridge across a culvert. Splinters in my long-suffering right arm, lovely.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    I tripped over a root during a 10K on Clapham Common a few years ago. I was distracted by a big-bottomed girl in front of me and I was thinking "wow, she's got an even bigger bum than me, how can she be in front of me?" and down I went. Karma.

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