womens knickers!

Ladies,can anyone recommend some good comfy knickers/briefs for running? As with everywhere else,things tend to get abit hot and sweaty! image and the normal cotton knicks dont seem to 'wick' away sweat.Funny  question to ask but needs must!! thank youimageimage


  • Dont bother ... saves on washing and is far more comfortable
  • I concur with m'learned friend.
  • he means meldy, it's not immediately obvious image
  • Fur cough munter   image
  • Commando is the only way to go.  No sweaty....erm....Betty, no chaffage, faaaaar more comfy and seriously, who washes running kit?  (only kidding on the last one btw  image ).  Once you've popped that cherry you won't look back.
  • +1 for commando
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    "Dont bother ... saves on washing and is far more comfortable"

    Saves on washing what?

  • "Dont bother ... saves on washing and is far more comfortable"

    Saves on washing what?


  • If your worried about washing a few pairs of knickers each week when added to your normal laundry load, your either going commando+ a little too often or your way too worried about the washing machine, seriously, max out at 7 pairs a week running daily if you can't wash more then once a week, thats like 1/8th of a washing machine load, nothing to worry about!

    I wear stuff from Sports Direct, they have Puma briefs in which have a good stretch (eg don't suddenly sag and feel soaked halfway through a run) though are pricey for what they are I think its worth the extra. Gap also do great underware. I'd go with g-string/thong as oppose to full brief but mainly for the VPL! I used to find them uncomfortable to wear but actually its really easy to get used to them and now I put them on and don't really notice at all.

    Worst types to wear? Full briefs, "seamless" stuff from M&S and infact any of the M&S undies, great for day to day use but just seem to soak up sweat otherwise, I end up binning them as a result! If your loaded enough get yourself a few pairs of the Nike range, I've had these in the past a long time ago, cost too much for what they are IMO but if I could afford it (and so justify it) I'd get myself new stuff from there but for now GAP and Sports Direct are fine.

  • As opposed to men's knickers? image


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Nike also do a good range - they're not cheap but do wash really well. I've got a few pairs that have been on the go now for about 3 years and they're still in great shape. image
  • I went Commando a year or two ago and would never go back to wearing knickers for running or cycling...............far more comfortableimage

    and no VPL problems at all.............image

    I did think i would feel undressed or self consious but I was suprised that it was no problem at all

  • Another vote for commando - what's the point of wearing another layer, spending (usually loads of) money on "special" knickers and, yes, having more stuff to wash.

  • I wouldn't pay the prices for some of the branded sports knickers, but Lidl do some good ones sometimes for about £1.99 and I see that they will be back in store from 9.5.11

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    If I went commando in much of my running kit then I may as well steak. You'd see everything as they are very seethrough and don't have anything more than mesh at the crotch. Plus I'd hate to have to shave everyday. Most uncomfortable.

    I wear sloggi or underarmour. I also have some undies that I bought in Belguin that don't appear to mention a brand but they are great - made for cycling all about and staying fresh for the rest of the day.

  • +1 for commando
  • I got some really nice ones from decathlon really comfy, wicking and not too visible under lycra!


  • thanks all for your feedback very helpful and funny!
  • I wear Sweaty Betty all sport shorts http://www.sweatybetty.com/all-sport-short-produw002_apricot/ I will not run in anything else now. they are high waisted, sweat wicking and very comfortable! Kx
  • I just wear normal underwear and never had a problem with too much sweat, chaffing or anything else.
  • I take it that the women running commando have long running vests on!!!
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