ACL Reconstruction

Hi, last July I managed to tear the ACL in my right knee while playing cricket, whilst waiting for the wonderful NHS to diagnose the problem and sort out when they could get me in for a reconstruction I managed to carry on running a bit and ran the GNR 2010, my running was only affected if a landed awkwardly or pivoted sharply.

Anyway, they finally got me in for the op at the start of April and so far I am pretty pleased with the results, off crutches after a week and pretty mobile just a couple of weeks into physio.  I wonder if anyone out there has had experience of the recovery for this type of op and whether it is likely that I will be able to train in time for this years GNR.  My physio has been non committal and won't look past the upcoming week.

Thanks to anyone who can pass on their experiences or any advice.


  • Hi my husband had his ACL reconstructed in Feb this year and like you was off the crutches in the first week and has been pretty mobile. However he has had to be careful not to overdo it which he has done a couple of times which has resulted in swelling. He is finding it frustrating at the moment as he wants to do more things but the physio tells him that he has to slow down and not go too fast so at the moment its 2 steps forward and one step back. He was told before the op that it would be 9 months of rehab excercises before he can do everything he did before. He has been told that in a couple of weeks he'll be able to cycle which he is looking forward to.

    So just take it easy as you don't want to weaken the graft and do the exercises the physio suggests. He is now back at work full time and is gradually increasing the distances he can walk and eases off when he feels it getting sore. hope that helps and good luck with the recovery 

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