Reduce Blisters


 I noticed with running especially when I am in season training I tend to get blisters on my feet, I realise that this is normal that don't hurt or anything nothing serious, but I was wondering is there a way I can reduce this? 



  • Don't know where your getting your blisters but i had a terrible problem with them on the insides of my feet where my trainers were rubbing and bought something called engo patches which stick into your trainers and since, touch wood no more blisters. Hope that helps.
  • usually on the bottom of my feet. I went to a running store and they told me that I one solution would be to purchase shoes several sizes too bed in order to give me feet breathing as well as room movment can anyone comfirm this?
  • Try different socks.
  • haha okay thanks image
  • i've had problems with blisters before too on my feet..
    try talcum powder...
    if that doesn't work.....try vaseline
    if you still have problems, try taping the problem areas but best to only taping for races or the skin under the tape will get soft and become even more problematic..
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