Inspire "Elders"

Just another rubbishy chit chat thread for the oldies at Inspire... No race lists, just a good old laugh about this and that image


  •  Well, would you just look at who we have here *waves to Cabbey*.  But would you believe it, I can't stop and chat cos it's Tuesday evening and *says very quietly* I have to go r*nning.image
  • What's that? image
    you can talk about running Min... Just no race lists, because I can't for the life of me think who could be @rsed to keep updating it. image
    Have a good run... I've done mine already *looks all smug* image
  • Hello ladies image

  • Good Evening, Can we chat about 'The Other' as well. I don't know much about This and That!
  • Evening S'berry... How are the little berries?
    How is your ankle btw?
  • I don't know much about the" other " either Girlie image
    I'm concerned at my dog Lincoln. He is getting fresh with a duster. He may be "the other"
  • hello

    just a quick's about this and that, well more that the h*ll do you avoid a sore a*se when cycling?image

  • Don't cycle image

    Have you got them padded shorts?

    Bluddy h*ll... look at me with my extensive tri knowledge image

  • Cabbey yeh! I have a pair of padded knickers but I swear it makes it worse! talking of Tri, I saw a piccy of myself from Sunday and the OH is right I look like a plum in my tri suit (fat and plump-he didn't say that but I knew what he meant!) I was really upset so did the usual and went and shopped...for another tri suit, this one is black so looks more to get my bum in gear and start shaping up! (I can use my old tri suit for training, hopefully it will help to avoid my saddle sore as I was alright on Sunday...or was that because it was so windy I was more concerned with keeping the bike upright?!
  • Have you considered a different seat? I know Tags was quite fussy when it came to his.
  • Ok, according to Tags, doing your tri (well done on that btw) will have had an accumulative effect along with your cycling today. He reckons it gets better as you cycle more! He did 30 miles on his bike yesterday
  • ....and as I am thread creator... It only seems fitting that I get the first....
  • .... Connect 4 image
  • yah, not only that you top of the hot threads!!!

    Tell Taggy, well done on the 30 miler and is he going to come over to the right side and do a bit of Tri?! lol

    I ave been told the more you ride the less it hurts, is that because youv've killed all you nerve endings?

  • Lol... Or maybe just killing off your brain cells with that sh1t image
    Tags stays afloat as good as a ship in the Bermuda triangle, so I can't see a tri happenin tbh image
  • umm know the feeling there, when I swim it fells like im going backwards

    here is a new link for recipes, I thought you might like


  • RP I have a wonderful gel padded cover for my saddle which has worked a treat image

    Cabbey the Berries are fine - well apart from Aberry falling off a horse this afternoon in her lessonimage  thankfully she is fine and even got back on it and finished her lesson image very proud of her (for getting back on not falling off!!!)  Have a feeling she might be a bit tender tomorrow - oh well nothing that a good day at school won't cure!!!! LOL

    My ankle is also fine *touch wood*

    Sorry I've not been around much recently, but I'm up to my eyes in fairy tea party arrangements.

    One quick question though - does anyone know of a trailery thingy that I can get for my bike so I can cart the Berries to Mberry's gym classes?  The Berries are almost 6 and 8, but don't want Mberry cycling and then having to do 1 1/2 hours of gym and then cycle home again - think it would all be too much for her, especially as she has gym twice a week and then after half term goes to 3 times a week (she really puts me to shame)  Aberry could cycle it, but I'm concerned about her being on the roads.  Hubby can't understand me and says I should just use the car, but I see it as extra training!!

  • mmmmm RP that Malteaster tray bake sounds fab - might go on the tea party menu, then I have an excuse to taste some image
  • I know I'm starting to feel my age slightly (Hangovers? Where did they come from?) but still a little concerned at being considered an 'Oldie'! I'm only 34 FFS!!

    I know, I had a hard paper round....
  • Hello all

    OOhhhh...tray bake sounds lush!

    Fraby - I am with you on the hangovers (but I am older than you)image

  • Well, from a "long standing thread member" point of view, I have to say that I am the baby image as have been posting a shorter time than all of you old gits image... so... yes, you are all old to me! image

    I'm prefering your recipe to cakes made without butter and sugar RP image....although if I didn't hate currants and sultanas so much, maybe the afore mentioned wouldn't taste so bad!

  •  hi everyone

     i used to cycle a lot before i took up running, after the first few month i never had a problem with a sore ar$e

     the best cure for a hangover is to keep drinking not that i've ever tried it

  • Oh, and I'm off deep water running tonight in my new AQx suit and shoes... I look like a cross between the Mitchelin and Stay Puft man... it's not a good look! image I'm dreading walking into the swimming baths and getting that "WTF???" look from everyone in there!
  • Morning Q.... hair of the dog and all that? Never been brave enough to try it... although I'm very good at running 10K's with a hangover aren't I Min? image
  • *waves madly to Cabbey*

    How the devil are you, young un?  I ran a 10K PM with a monumental hangover - and felt great by the time I got to the finish line!

  • I was being sarcastic Hash... I was horrendous the day I did a 10K with a hangover!
    Speaking of hangovers, you aren't going to believe what had just happened to me..... I have just failed the toothbrush test!!!! I haven't even been drinking... How did that happen?
  • wtf is a toothbrush test?

    morning all - and Farby (hello m'dear, are you back from your travels now?)

  • Put toothbrush in mouth too far... Gag... Sick! Normally only achieved after a skin full on previous night!
  • image

    Like that, you mean?

  • Morning All!

    Hi Min - yes, back having had an absolutely fantastic time! and busy trying to sort myself out for my next excursion... it never stops!! I'm off again on the 11 Jun, but the stuff I'm sending ahead needs to go this week.

    Cabbey - at least it wasn't the test where you watch the toothbrush to see how many of the bristles have wilted or dissolved due to the strength of your alco-breath!!
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