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  • Problem solved, CBA's have lifted, in fact I want to run tonight but can't because of the tri!!
  • How did you get on RP?

    I had a horrid hot hilly 10km in Newark but luckily it was called the "notfast" 10k - very aptly named!

  • Hello all

    Min - hope you are okay after the 10K?

    RP - cna't wait to hear how you got on! 

  • *sidles in and whispers*

    I caught Pegg in the Fetch league. image

    *sidles back out*
  • Well done Farby image

    Well done on the hot hilly race Min

    Hope the Tri went well RP

  • Farby lol well done, I have Mykey desperately training to catch up at the moment.

    The tri was great, I loved it this time, even though the chain fell off my bike in transition so I spent the bike/run legs with really oily hands. The bike was brilliant once I got up the really big (I wouldn't dream of running up it so why the hell I am biking up it?!) hill in Burton village. The run was tough as it had got quite hot by then, but as they say, 'no pain,no gain', now to concentrate on getting my backside round the run leg of the Outlaw ironman distance tri, in 2 weeks. I have just been volunteered to work in transition for the swim/bike bit of the Outlaw as they are a bit short of volunteers, it's a tough life but somebody has to put suntan lotion on all these nice bodies!

  • Min I did wonder what race you had done, I thought it might have been the Spilsby 6 as that was today as well. Well done on being 'Notfast' round, it's hard work in the heat!!!!image

    I have just filled in my form for Heckington 10 mile on the 30th if your interested in joining me, I am also going to do the Mabo half the week before GER, I thought I may as well try and kill myself off before Amsterdam, I have to give BecX a chance to keep up with me (not) image

  • RP no worries there I'm struggling to keep up with snails at the moment!  Plus I have several daft races in my own clendar before October - not sure when I will actually fit marathon training in come to think of it!

    Well done on the tri and well done also to Min on the Notfast 10km - I was wondering what that one was not the most inviting of names!

    Congrats to Farby as well.  I didn't know training was competitive!  Just been to check and I'm up to 833 miles and 122 hours - that's a little over 5 days running far more than I thought I'd done.  Most of this was March/ April it does have to be said - last month was my lowest mileage in nearly 2 years!

    Had an awful run today - I think it may be high humidity and/or pollen count but my lungs felt like they might explode and my legs felt like lead.  Actually the dual PT session (am) and hillwork (pm) on Friday may have been the cause of that last part! I am signed up for a three day race event next week but looks like I am going to be in Belgium with work on Thursday which would obviously count me out of the whole series.  Am considering finding an alternative race for the weekend in an attempt to banish the CBAs!

  • I wish I had ran as far as you Bec, I can't remember my yearly mileage so far but it is definitely under 400 miles. Belgium? How lovely.

    Min... I think 57 minutes is blinkin fast pet image 

    Well done on the tri RP

  • loving Farby's fleeting visit image

    My official result was 58.09 and Andy, who I crossed the line with (and bearing in mind that it wasn't chiptimed) somehow did it 9 seconds faster - go figure image.  Can't remember the last time I did a 10k so slow - I'm blaming the hill and the 14 miles I did on Thursday image.  Not bothered - Odie & I entered to use it as a speedwork session so it did exactly what it said on the tin!

     RP - well done on that tri and good luck for the Outlaw.  I've decided not to do GER - too much like tempting fate.  And no, I won't be joining you at Heckington - that was my first DNF and I didn't like it one little bit even if it hadn't been on the hottest day of the year!!!

    BecX - I think there's been a lot of the cba's around over the last few weeks - I think it's catching and just spreads from person to person.  At least if you've got it, that means that Cabbey's ok now (I hope).  Don't worry, it only lasts until you pass it on.... (I guess everyone now leaves the thread so they don't get it)  (hopefully once you've had it, you get some sort of immunity (I'm hoping) )

  • Tis true.... once you've come out and admitted it CBA's tend to subside... yours will be gone by Friday Becx image
  •  morning all

     well done on the race min and well done on the tri RP

    no running at the weekend had other things to do back to it from tomorrow and i've got a fizz appointment on wednesday

  • Good luck for Wednesday Q *fingers x'd*

    RP - how does Grimsthorpe on 14th August grab you?  Picnic afterwards!

  • Loving the concept of banishing the CBAs by admitting them - feel like I should be standing up and saying "I'm BecX and I have the CBAs" or something similar.  It's not real CBAs to be honest - I quite like the idea of running it's the actual run bit I'm finding tricky.  Mostly I'm just frustrated by how far backwards I seem to have gone post- Edinburgh.  I know that the same thing happened after London and that I just need to plug on with the training and wait for things to improve but patience is not my strong point!

    Did have a better run tonight - averaged sub 6 minute miles in fact.... OK so it was a session  of 200m reps and there's no way I could ever run a real sub 6 minute mile but it's not often the Garmin reads 5.57!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you for Wednesday Q!  And hoping no-one else inherits my CBAs - maybe there's some anti-CBA dance I can do?

  • lol @ becX image

    help guys, i have very achey shins when running just lately; what to do? what to do? (pleeze don't let it be shin splints image)

  • Symptoms of shin splints:
    • Pain over the inside lower half of the shin.
    • Pain at the start of exercise which often eases as the session continues
    • Pain often returns after activity and may be at its worse the next morning.
    • Sometimes some swelling.
    • Lumps and bumps may be felt when feeling the inside of the shin bone.
    • Pain when the toes or foot are bent downwards.
    • A redness over the inside of the shin (not always present).

    OK, yes to the first, no to the second cos it doesn't ease during the sesh, no to the third cos it's ok when I'm not running, no to the fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh.

    So does this mean something else then?

    what do you reckon guys and gals?

  •  morning all

     no idea what it can be min, hope it doesn't last

  • It could be the very start of shin splints Min (Taggy currently has them). Deal with it now though... Stretch periodically by sitting in a sort of kneeling postition with feet flat on the ground and under your bum, Ice straight after a run for 15 minutes (even if they aren't hurting) and you should be right as rain very soon. I also had this for about 8 weeks when I changed my running cadence and all was well when I did all of the above. Also... do you only run on road or do you do some trail also? I have only recently discovered trail and found it is completely marvellous for my foot.... it's the same for shin splints what with it being a softer surface. 

    (Oh... and I only got same symptoms as you at the time too).

  • feet flat on ground... I mean top part of foot on ground
  • cheers cabbey, I shall add peas to the shopping list as well as rabbit's foot and a black cat image

  • Min if it's not shin splints (not quite sure why you would suffer from them now after all this time) could it be a stress fracture? (especially if it is only one leg)not putting a dampner on it...sorry. Im not sure if I can do Grimsthorpe, I do have it pencilled in the diary but it clashes. I will let you know on that one.

  • it's both shins RP image

    They've changed the results for Sunday's race image.  They now have me & Andy crossing the line together @ 57.47 which is what my garmin said in the first place! image

  • Min - my dodgy calf (other side to shin splints - I'd thought it was shin splints until I realised it was in the wrong place!) turned out just to be sore muscles caused by a weak left ankle (resulting from a drunken spraining incident when I was young and daft!) and recovered quickly following some massage and odd standing on one leg exercsies.  I wasn't even banned from running!  I'm lucky as have private health through work and a sympathetic doctor so can go striaght to physio the moment something hurts but might be worth getting it checked out if it continues....

    Alternatively, your shoes aren't due a change are they??

  • When my shins started to ache, I changed shoes and I'm swapping between new and slightly newer ones and retiring the older ones!  No difference image

    What are you doing here in daylight hours anyhow young becX?  surely you're not skiving!

  • I am working very hard let me tell you - I've been following the Tour de France on the internet for hours now!  Given I am on a 6.30am flight Thursday morning due back 9.30pm and will be in work as usual tomorrow and Friday I have decided to gist myself back some time in the office for non-work related activities.

    I assume your new shoes are the same make as the old ones?  Sometimes I think things just hurt for no real reason a nice painful massage might help!

  • Min - I remember a tip on another thread for shin splints vs stress fracture. You need to hold something that vibrates against the bit that hurts (No smutty comments please, we're runners!). In the example used, this chap held his phone against his boss' leg and switched the silent mode on, causing the phone to vibrate. If it's muscular, it won't make any difference. If it's a stress fracture it will hurt alot more as the fracture vibrates too. At least then you know! image

  • Shin splints can occur out of the blue for anyone matter how long they've been running apparently (according to my Physio that is) Sounds like the shoe changeage might be the issue Min???
  • Ah, just read properly and it's not the shoes. Ouch to the diagnosing Farby... I have heard about doing that and if it's a stress fracture it proper knacks. The surgeon (when I had bursitis) tapped his fingers on me and said I would have had to be peeled off the ceiling had I had a broken bone.
  • Min - I really hope you sort out the shin problem quickly..take it easy until you know what it is! Do as I say...not as I do!
  •  morning all
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