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  •  only ran once with a hangover  never again
  • As I don't drinkimage........(much) I don't ever fail the toothbrush test..yuck!

    Hi there Farby *waves frantically*

    Back side feels o.k today, I was more concerned with testing my new running skort. I must say they do look more flattering than capri's, they hid the wobble. Only issue was, chaffing thighs after reading Ultra Caz comment about wearing her skort. It took some time to get use to the legs rubbing together but I am happy to report that my legs are fine! However I did get a lot of strange looks today, I hope it was the skirt and not me personnally!

  • I need long shorts to stop the old chaffage - definitely couldn't handle a skort!
  • I bought a new running skirt in Florida which has long shorts under it, so best of both worlds!

    Use it for racing in when I want to look glamorous!

  • Well there's nowt as glam as I was today in my AQx suit and shoes at the swimming baths. I felt a bit embarrassed at first but had a lot of questions from a few old blokes in there who were quite amazed at what I was doing. They made me laugh for the full half hour and I forgot about how stupid I looked after a while. It was much much harder work... Hamstrings ached loads, but both suit and shoes are fab.
  •  just getting ready for tonights race, no chafing for me i wear long shorts
  • Good luck Q, hope it goes well. lol on the long shorts...can't imagine you in a skort somehow image
  • well...this that and the other soon descended into a conversation about pants and bottoms as far as I can see.

    at 39 and eleven twelfths I consider myself an oldie, and with massive gaps, admitedly, I was hanging 'round cluttering up the INSPIRE thread for many years, so Old I am in every sense. Is that good?

    How long do shorts need to be before they are no longer shorts? image

    Fair play to you getting in the public swim session in your water running gear Cabbey. Did you have to get permission or just went right ahead and hoped for the best? Mart was thinking about doing that as he isn't a strong swimmer so can't seem to get enough of a workout in the water. He has some gear in Spain at my Mums where no-one can see him, but not a suit...what does that look like? As Min says...piccies??

    Hello hardly class as old there at a mere 34! (You'll grow out of it though hun) image

  • So this is where you are all hiding...

    Seems kind of familiar?image A bit deja vu maybe... Oh I remember

    Night ramblings...

    Not surprised it has already descended into  pants, bottoms and wet lycra but no discussions of merkins yet...or was that just Sister?

  • Oh PLEASE don't link back there Mykey!!!


    LOL Merkins. image Those were funny days. (nights)

  • Merkins? imageimage 

    Well, I'm sat here with a glass of red wine after a pretty crap day at work.... however I'm now off work for a whole week... woohoo. We are off to a nice spa place tomorrow and THORPE PARK on Friday... I'm so excited imageimage

  • Hello 'elders' lol! Thanks to you all for keeping me company while I 'enjoyed' my dinner for one - I was so busy reading back and giggling that I'm not really sure if the risotto was any good or not! I've got a skirt but the shorts just ride up under the pressure of my thunder thighs so they're no good for running (the skirt that is, I'm not writing off my running thighs just yet!)
  • Have a great time away Cabbey. Poor M has been 'roped into' helping out another group at work tomorrow - which basically means he has to drive a minibus of students to Alton towers for an all expenses paid day! Poor thing eh?!
  • God he's got a hard life that bloke image
  • Hello guys and girls - just spotted this and thought I'd pop in to say hello.  Not sure if I've been posting long enough or if I am old enough to qualify for this thread (although I do turn 30 this month which feels old to me!) but thought I'd gatecrash in any case! image  Not that I ever seem to have time to post on the original Inspire thread at the moment image stupid life being all busy .....
  •  hi all

     lol at night ramblings and merkins

     enjoy your week off cabbey especially the spa and thorpe rark

     had a great run last night the report is on the inspire thread

     not a lot to do today i think we are bathing the dogs which should go down well

  • Morning all and BecX - you're always welcome image.  I can't believe we only got to page 2 before merkins got mentioned! 

    Have a great time Cabbey - reeeeeeelaaaaaaax!

  • Morning All!

    image The milk's just curdled as I put it in my morning cup of tea image There are times I hate not having a sense of smell! image
  • Ladies, a quick question if I may: Ignoring any kind of fashion advice, where would I find white court shoes? I tried most places I know in Peterborough last Monday, and am off to Norwich on Saturday... haven't seen any anywhere have you?
  • oh no Farby, step away from the white court shoes!  have you tried Essex?
  • but seriously, a bit of googling should do it for you.  I normally would but it's against my religion to google such a fashion no no no no no image
  • Min - you should see the rest of the outfit!!

    At least I'm not being asked to wear them with black ronhills....
  • LOL....I remember the merkins...good times!

    Cabby - have agreat time at the Spa!

  • Farby that takes me back to the days in Germany when all the army wives went around in ronhills and high heels (I don't think they cared if they where white or not) it was a very pitiful sight!

    I'm officially an old fart next Feb! but its not how old you are ,but how old you feel, so bring it on the uns, I feel 18image

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    Could someone just say for the benefit of the rest of us who/what the Inspire elders are/were/might be?


  • Womble, we are all on a beginners thread called Inspire... Some have been "beginners" since 2006... Hence elders image
    lol at the White shoes Farby
    This hotel is really lush... I'm staying in one of the nicest rooms I've ever been in!
  • We're just very experienced beginners Cabbey.... just realised this is the first time I have ever ventured out of the Beginners section of the forum in 3 years as well!

    Farby - google will find anything you want and never question why.... I on the other hand have to ask.  What are you planning to wear and why???

  • Bex-It's a year long fancy dress party...image
  • LOL Mykey - you're not kidding!

    Well, morning all! image managed to make a successful cup of tea at the first attempt today - it's going to be a good one! Beach this afternoon...
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