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  • Im bl**dy kn*ckered, I don't mind doing the long runs but boy do my legs and feet complain when I stop. I could really do with having my feet cuddled right now by the 'fairy' from the advert for wash powder !
  • Back from London via Manchester...phew, I'm glad it's Friday night.  Although M is now away until Sunday night so I'm home alone for the weekend (then he's back for the night, away Monday morning until Friday night, here for a night, away for the weekend again - I think he must be going off me image).

    Glad to hear the tea went ok this morning Farby - it's a very serious thing, making that first cup of the day.

    RP - it's my ankles that ache when I stop.  I guess I'm just weak!

  •  thats a long way to get home pegg
  • imageI've lost my mojo today, if someone finds it , please can you kindle send it to me
  • check behind the sofa RP, that's where mine usually hides!
  • I've got it Mwahahahaha... And you can't have it back as it is turbo boosting my energy levels image
  •  had a nice run this morning now chilling watching the giro
  • Morning all, I trust we all had good weekends?  Mr T is still recovering from his first fairground ride since 1977 image - am I evil or what?

  • Min great photo of him!

    I didn't find my mojo yesterday but I am going to make up for it today. Off to have a 3hr leisurely plod very soon (just waiting for the breakies to go down)

    I have a competition anagram sheet (prize £10) if anyone wants to have a go, no pressure, just thought you might like a little challenge to get the grey cells working.

  • RP I'll have a goimage

    Just back from a birthday efforts session! Another good one covered 3.31 miles in 30 mins at 9mmimage Now if I can keep that up for 6 miles my 57:30 10k pb is mineimage

    Afternoon shift today and WW has man fluimage Hope he is better for Weds cos we're off to see Roger Waters at the O2 as a birthday treat.

    Min- what ride did you take Mr Min on?

  •  just having a new sink fitted in the bathroom, originally was supposed to be new taps so mrs Q can use them but the fitter couldn't get the old taps off without breaking the sink
  • Girlie there £1 a sheet (all money is being split with Japan earthquake fund and the local Scout group) Im not quite sure how to do this...but I will send you a sheet anywayimage

    my feet feel better than they did last Friday, no need for a foot hug today!

  • LOL re the fairground pic Min - your hair is fab!! image

    Get well soon WW!

    Go on then RP - I'll give you the £1 when I see you next?

    My alarm didn't go off this morning image.  Luckily I woke up just before 6 so I wasn't too late for work.  It meant I ended up working later to catch up with everything so I've only just got home and I'm desperate for something to M at home this week to cook me anything either!  Can't be bothered to defrost anything so it's going to have to be a bagel and whatever else I can find....oh well, the diet will just have to wait until tomorrow... image

  • White court shoes Farbs? You can borrow one of my pairs if you like image

    I've been absent. This cold turned nasty. Just pottering out to try and walk the dogs this am had me sweating and wheezing after about 500 yards. not a fine figure of health at the mo. image

    Have fun at your gig Girlie, hope you have had a nice birthday despite the man-flu hubby. xxx

  • judging by the piccies on fb Min it looks as if Mr T LOVED his fairground ride!!! image  who'd have thought he wasn't an old pro? (At fairground rides, of course!)
  • hope you feel betterer soon Em - "summer" colds are the worst.

    Girlie, hope you had a good birthday yesterday.  No idea what the ride was - it looked tame before we got on it image

    Q - sounds like a result, getting a new sink instead of just taps image

    Bummer Pegg, hope your week gets better

  •  hope you get rid of that cold soon em

     we've just got to wait for the shower now min

  • Morning all
    just done a bit of stepping and am about to have a 15 minute sauna.don't want to go in yet until I find put how William has done on his 6 day race... With 20 minutes to go he had ran 517 miles... Wowsers.. Looks like he's already broke about 4 records!

    My eating is going quite well and Ive been mega healthy. Surely a bagel is ok though Pegg???

    Love your pic Min... We tried to buy one of us on a ride at Thorpe park for a mouse mat but the machine was broken.

    Hope you're all having a good day. I go back to work on Thursday.... Boo hiss image
  • Pegg/Cabbey I have joined in on a tri thread, 'Which team can lose the most weight during May' It has kept me on the straight and narrow, I have been really really far.

    Em no sharing the germs on here!image ( get well soon)

    Pegg I will send you a quiz sheet, it needs to come back to my house address pleeeeese

  •  good morning, having an easy day today hopefully
  • Have a good day Q!

  • Hello all
  • quaker1961 wrote (see)
     good morning, having an easy day today hopefully

    Quaker Err, whats one of those?image

    S'berry well hello to you too!

    Carp day at work today, ex manager turned up (he's covering for my manager) and the first words out of his mouth were 'Emma knows me, bet she thought she wouldn't see me again' my reply was 'yeh.. too right, shame really!' I did make a point of how long he was intending to stay. Thankfully only another week. ( I really can't do with being messed around any more!)

  • Morning all!  How the devil is everyone?   Another "Elder" reporting in here!

     Feeling very blurry eyed this morning on account of me forgetting to take out my contact lenses last night and then waking up with my eyes stuck together - a very senior moment!

    Lovely to see everyone........

  •  morning all

     nice to have you back HB

  • Pops in briefly so say hello and lovely to "see" you again HP!  

    Not sure what an easy day is either RP.  But I'm sure life would be boring if it was easy.... 

  • Hello HP- great to see you back's the running going?
  • Morning Folks! image

    Does anyone know someone running Edinburgh?
  • Yes Farbs I do. An old school friend who's having a simillar mid life crisis to me.

  • Runnings going well thanks MWW - my weekly mileage is much lower than it used to be but I'm doing other stuff in between- circuits, spinning, horse ridin & gym so am feeling fitter for it. Have entered new forest half in sept so will have to up the mileage over the summer. VLM next year- how was it for you this year?

    How about you Mykey - recovered ok from VLM?
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