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  • Just about.  A bit of PF so taking it easy at the mo. Back to running next week and starting the build up to my next half...the New Forest one in Sept...see you on the start line image
  • Great - I'll see you there! It's a nice race, plenty of support along the route and the pub near the finish normally does a free hog roast for all runners!
  •  morning all

     having a day out at sheringham after my easy run this morning

  • Morning all
    Nice to see you HB, your son is very polite btw image

    I'm knackered, back at work for the last 2 days and not used to it. I'm going in today too... It's all money for India though, so I'm thinking if it that way!
  • hello

    Umm major decision time.. radio 1 big weekend or Eurovision?image

  • Both. Very surrealimage
  • neither i.d recorded the giro and watched that
  • Farby just found out that my idiot brother in law is entered for Edinburgh, no chance of finishing!
  • You say that, but a mate of mine did that with London 5 years ago and got a surprisingly decent time... image
  • My hubby knows someone who ran the Paris marathon with no training (not a runner) and got 4.21ish and no aches or pains after either.
  • Tags does it all the time! image Sooooo unfair!!!!

    I'm finding the "Light in the box" wedding shoes very randomly placed on this website image Fancy running a 10K in those shoes Q? image

  • I am getting a very bizarre picture of that in my head now image
  • My thoughts exactly Q!
  • There was an advert on the website this morning (asics one and 50 exercises you need to do has replaced it). It was showing some very high heels with sparkly diamonds on the heel.... very very random!

  • Farby NO he definately won't do it, he's not like his brother (who wants to win everything!) he did the marathon 2 years ago thinking he could beat my time but managed a 6 hour finish time.

    Random thought for the day, If you swallow flies/bugs when running do you count them as protein intake?

  • I always count running ingested insects RP.  About time of the year to start spraying with insect repellent before a run again now!

    I'm doing Edinburgh this weekend.  I have been training since January and will be very upset if non-trainers manage to beat me (although they probably will).  Could do with joining a weight loss thread once this mara is over - not sure how I always manage to gain weight before a marathon but I do!

    I think Cabbey might have imagined the wedding shoes.....

  • No def not imagined, although I have recently discovered that my employer (who is Italian) puts up italian adverts overlaying web pages so it could have been them
  • I'm back image image
  • Welcome home Min.... how were the dillies? image
  • And I KNEW I wasn't imagining it.... Light in the box "party shoes" are up there now... and now it's switched to a BMW advert (ads by Google apparently). So it must definitely be my work computer!
  •  welcome back min

     thats proberbly why we can't see them cabbey

     ran the last of the 5 mile series last night, the memento was a mug with the series name on and on the other side was a picture of Kate and wills

  • ha ha... lol at the pic of Kate and Wills Q, and well done for the series.

    My foot is improving all the time. I have recently discovered that if it's a bit iffy, i can do a run with my mam (slow obviously) or walk the dog and it's a bit like a recovery thing and makes it all better image I can't wait for Bangalore... keep looking at our hotel and wishing... your pics on FB have made me extremely jealous Min image

  • great news about your foot cabbey
  • Min welcome back, the hotel/beach looked lovely

    Q well done on the cheesy mug

    Becx Im on TW forum 'may weight loss' ... just a bit of incentive

  • I'll need June weight loss RP - no way I'm losing any between now and end of May with both the marathon and my 30th impending!  Am I allowed on a TW thread when I am not a triathelete as well??  (still toying with triathlon someday but the no bike/ can't do front crawl thing causes issues!)

    Welcome back Min!  So jealous of you and Cabbey and anyone else who's been/ going away.  Have a week in Portugal booked end of August which is ages away (but does at least give me time to get beach body ready!)

    Loving the Kate and Wills race momento Q!

  • Hey Micknphil - good to 'see' you both again.  How's tricks?

    Hi everyone else - what a busy week again!  I managed to squeeze 2miles in before work on Tuesday but I'm hoping to do more tonight - a bit of a group of us building up, me my best buddy, her husbands work colleague, my husband and I'm not sure who else...I can see this run finishing at the pub!

    The allotment is slowly coming on - it absolutely must count as cross training.  Just one hour weeding last night and my buttocks and hamstrings feel like they've done a hundred squats!  How does that happen?!

    As for holidays, I've got a week booked off in July to go to France - M is working there for the week so I'm hitching a freebie ride image

    LOL re that mug Q image

  •  well done for fitting a run in pegg

     i've got a holiday booked in october on the isle of wight but i'm taking my daughter and fiance to skegness next month for their holiday

  • My holibobs seems ages away... However Amsterdam and then 4 weeks later going to India is a good thing to look forward to... And if it's anything like last year (when I was in Florence) it will be 8 inches deep in snow here image

    hi Mick and Phil... Great to see you again image

    I've done deep water running intervals tonight... Lifeguards are getting used to me now and I don't feel quite so random... They even point out where I will get least bothered by kids. No wierd looks today... Seems my suit and shoes are yesterdays news image

    well done on all the allotment stuff Pegg. Glad it's working your muscles, and your running group sounds like the proverbrial "drinkers with a running problem"

    oooooooooo.... 2 whole days off image
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