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  • Oh... And I've just washed your new Camelbak Pegg... It will be winging it's way to you some time next week
  • Hello all

    I have a busy week this week training, I have managed 5 consecutive days of running and lots of cross training (running the kids back and forth to their clubs)

    Becx I can't see why you can't join in next months weight loss thingy, I believe there are a couple of peps on their that haven't done a Tri,but be warned though, Tri can become a part of your life very quickly... talking of which, it's Tri time again next weekend in sunny Woodhall spa! I have also be warming up the 10k route for you MInimage

  • I've no holidays booked image I'm so jealous of you all.  No training either this week, so tomorrow might be a tough day

    Pegg your group sounds like the Hash Harriers over here!!

  • Holidays not quite booked, OH needs to decide what we are doing!!!! (hurry up already)
  • Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend.  doesn't Monday come around quick? image 

    RP - where did you find your mojo in the end?  do you think mine would be there too?  i had an awful run on Friday and now the cba's have set in image

  • It's 80mph winds up here and I have to run in it later... or maybe I should just go on the treadmill. I'll see how I feel later. Why was your run so bad Min?
  • the wheels fell off my bus basically, Cabbey image.  i think climbing that "mountain" last monday took longer to recover from than I was expecting.  To quote odie "if we were going any slower, rigor mortis would set in" image
  • Hi guys - know this is not a race list/ report thread as such but just wanted to pop in and let you know about my shiny new sub 4 hour marathon PB - ran 3 hours 57 minutes and 59 seconds at Edinburgh yesterday.  Am stiff, sore but very happy today!  Would you like to borrow some of my mojo Min?  Have tons to spare right now and am not running for a week!
  • That's bluddy fantastic BecX - well done you; that's stuff that dreams are made of!

  • ((((Min)))) dog knows where I found the mojo (probably at the bottom of the Cherrio box I ate last week)

    What is keeping me going now is that I have a marathon in 8 weeks and can't let my team down!

    Holiday booked, a week at PGL with the kids and a few days out and about, not quite the sun, sea and sand holiday I was looking forward too, but I was out voted!

  • can we have a race report please?  this thread is supposed to still be vaguely about running, sometimes!!

  • Bec x well done you, impressiveimage
  • PGL? sorry, does not compute

    obviously my comment about race report was intended for BecX - and any one else who raced over the weekend!

  • Thank you!  Will do you a race report soon but right now I need to try to work out what I can wear for my birthday dinner tonight which looks good with flip flops as high heels are very much out!
  •  great running bec
  • Oooh, yes... We have to have race reports on here too... Especially ones as good as a sub 4. That is so so brilliant Bex, well done.
  • Hi Cabbey and all

    nout much to say

    just hi - i'm off sick for a while,

  • Hello all

    Firstly well done Bec - amazing time have a great time tonight and happy birthday.  Looking forward to reading your report

    Min have you checked the back of the sofa?  Hope you find it soon

    shhh but I might be leaving the rock - ok only for a night, but hey it's better than nothing image  it was hubby's idea too - after the HM he asked when the next one was and suggested Guernsey.  Now I have to sort out flight and accomdation - how do you choose a good hotel/B&B when you don't know the place and getting from place to place.  I know it's not far, but I'm not good with things like this and get quite a bit stressed about it all image

  • S'Berry - I'd start with laterooms or (or similar hotel finding website) to see what's available near the start (assuming that's where you want to be) then use tripadvisor to see which ones have good reviews.  My hotel in Edinburgh was lovely and had the best bath ever which is what I always want after a race!

    Birthday dinner was lovely - just a shame I have to go to work tomorrow!

    OK attempting a race report now - oddly can't remember much of the race that clearly beyond it hurting quite a lot!

  • Edinburgh Marathon - Part One

    There were 11 of us from my club running Edinburgh this year (plus two in the half) - only one of us was at the fast start at London Road the other 10 were all at the slow start on Regent Road.  I was in the pink zone at the very front of the Regent Road start (essentially the fastest of the slow runners!) which was nice as we were able to get going fairly quickly after the gun and get a nice clear start without getting in the way of the super speedy sub 3 hour guys!  The race starts in Edinburgh and runs round Holyrood park and the city centre in the first few miles taking in some of the sites.  It's basically downhill in these early stages and I tried very hard not to go too quickly.  I'd started with one of the guys from my club and although we were separated for the first mile we soon ended up together again and stayed together until about the half way point.  Despite trying to control my pace first couple of miles were too quick - sub 8.30 minute miles!  I knew I was going to regret this later in the race but it really did feel very easy at that stage!

    About mile 3 we reached the coast and ran for a while right by the sea which I really enjoyed.  One of my clubmates had told me when I reached the sea to look out for the power station which we would run past, beyond and then back past to the finish.  At mile 3 it was just a dot on the horizon!  Before I knew it I'd reached mile 5 and it was time for gel number one.  Managed to get it everywhere in trying to open it including in my hair which was pleasant!  First timing mat was at 10km which I went through in just under 54 minutes - still far too quick at this stage although we had already started to slow down a little.  Shortly after 10km we met up with another club mate who'd run the year before and seemed to be enjoying the weather much more this year.  He also passed on some quick advice about what to expect on the rest of the course which I quickly forgot!

    Soon after this at the 8 mile point we reached the first change over point for the relay runners.  Have to admit I felt a little jealous of them all finishing their runs!  It was also a little strange suddenly having some fresh fast runners join the masses and speed off up the road!  Somewhere between here and half way I lost my clubmate - I think he stopped at a water station where I didn't and just never caught me up.  Partly I think because I was suddenly on my own I started to find the going a little tougher and by the time I reached half way (in one hour 55) I knew I was never going to keep that up for the second half!

  • Part Two

    Not long after the half way point a fellow runner started chatting to me which provided a useful distraction for a little while.  He said he thought he'd started too fast as well but soon vanished up the road (I actually re-passed him at mile 18 and I had a horrible negative split so his must have been much worse!)  Luckily about the time I lost him I reached the part of the course where we could see the lead runners coming back the other way to the finish - man were they quick!

    From here the course ran out along the coast to just after 17 miles where we turned back (literally round some cones which wasn't that easy!) and headed for home (or at least that's how it felt to me).  It wasn't a straight road back sadly - there were one or two lovely diversions to enjoy!  The first was through some park land past a stately home which was a nice change of scenery but given there was driving rain as I ran through this section of the course I couldn't really enjoy it!  There were also some chickens on the course here which amused me. On a less pleasant note my left ITB really started to ache at about this point and basically continued to do so until the end.  This was also the first stage where I really started to hurt generally (in that way that only marathons can hurt!) - at mile 18 with 8 miles still to go I suddenly found it really hard to keep going and my pace dropped right down from between 8 and 9 minute miles to 10/ 10.30s.  Part of the issue was that we'd turned at the head of the course into a strong headwind and I literally felt as though I was running into a wall!  Decided a quick walk break was needed so at the 19 mile water station I took a quick rest to take another gel on board - it was tricky to start running again after walking but the gel did seem to help and I also got a mental boost when one of my club mates passed me still on her way out and screamed my name at me!

    Despite the head wind and the general marathon fatigue I was able to pick the pace up to a slightly quicker speed.  I actually thought I'd lost 4 hours by this stage and my goal had become just to finish which in some ways took the pressure off and allowed me just to run (or shuffle as it was by this stage!)  I took another quick walk at the 22 mile drinks station as I was really thirsty and needed to get some water down properly (we had the oddest set of weather at the race, wind, driving rain, hail (which hurt!) and even some quite sunny periods when I got quite hot and dehydrated (and sunburnt!))  I had planned to take walk breaks as and when I needed them to the end from here but as I hit 24 miles I realised that so long as I could 10 minute miles or better sub 4 was somehow, amazingly back on.  So I gritted my teeth and ran like my life depended on it.  It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty and I actually remember very little of those last couple of miles (bar looking at my watch at least 20 times and wondering why the distance was going up so slowly!) but as I staggered across the line in the world's worst attempt at a sprint finish and looked down to see that the Garmin read 3.58 I was absolutly delighted and quite teary (a marshal actually asked if I was OK so I must have been in a state!) - I must have hit stop a little late as I was promoted today to the 3.57s (OK so 3.57:59 but still it's a 3.57!)

    Today I am aching all over - both ITBs, left calf and my back (not sure how!) but I am still very very happy and have bored everyone I know with the news.  As I am also 30 today it felt like a fantastic birthday present to myself!

  • And whilst I can.... connect 4!
  • Congratulations BecX, great report and great achievement. You must be so chuffed... Happy belated birthday.

    S'berry I always use as they have reviews on each hotel you look at and most you don't pay until you get to the hotel.

    Hi Mick... You're off sick? Hope it isn't serious image

  • Happy BunnyHappy Bunny ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Becx- fab race report, sub 4.....amazing!!!! Hope you're ok today, and a belated happy birthday to you too!

    Min - hope you find your mojo!

    Am just getting my mojo back. Have had a case of the CBA's for a while now, only managing a couple of runs a week but yesterday I walked to work and ran home - have planned my runs for the rest of the week so feel like I'm getting back on track. We're camping in Cornwall next week so will take my kit with me - we'll be right next to the beach so am looking forward to some different scenery to run in, now all I need is some decent weather to go with it!

    Anyone else waiting for the deferred entry email from VLM? Hopefully we'll hear by the end of the week.........
  • Happy BunnyHappy Bunny ✭✭✭
    Morning Sberry.....morning Cabbey!
  • morning all and WOW to BecX *we're not worthy*.  What fantastic reporting - and racing - bliddy well done girlfriend!

    HB - sorry, can't help re deferred email.  Have a look on the website?

    Still no mojo and no running here image

  •  great report bec and a belated happy birthday

     morning cabbey, HB and min

  • hello all

    Bex - great report well done again

    HB - have a wonderful holiday next week.  Hope you hear soon about the deferred e-mail

    Min - hope you find your mojo soon

  • I did intervals... yay... slow (9.35mm) but I did them all the same and my foot was great. I'm proper chuffed! imageimageimage
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