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  • Oh dear... I'd forgotten about a certain calender!

    Morning all image
    Glad the shoulder is ok today Q
    Min... Step away from the fridge!!!! image
    I'm still being good with the odd bit of naughtiness now and again (cream scone yesterday). Black coffee and no cappucinos has reduced my calories by around 2000 a week, no wine means having another 1400 calories a week less and the dark chocolate every night means having 1085 less too... So that's 4485... 1lb is only 3500 calories, and I'm not finding those things difficult to give up at all. image
  • Cabbey I wish losing the calories where that simple for me but as I don't drink, I have black coffee with sweetner and have a little bit of chocolate at night, I have to look elsewhere for them. I am trying not to pick between meals and have protein shakes for the snack moments. (at least giving my body something good!)

    Min I'm not sure what I am going to bring on Sunday, I will probably raid the bakery in Woodhall spa as they do some fabulous olive bread and french granary bread and meats......and cakes..... and scones....ooohhh must resist!

    Moley says he is definately feeling the results of not running at the moment, hence the dive in with both feet approach!

    Quaker Im please your shoulder isn't hindering the running too much.

  • hello my little chickadees. 

    hows the shoulder today Q?

     I don't snack between meals - the only thing I could cut out would be my booze but I feel I have to have some enjoyment in life! 

  • it's been a sh*t day at work, especially when it interrupts my training image no run for me today!
  • That's a bugger RP, but never mind - it's nearly the weekend already!
  •  it's been aching all day min except when i went out for a run this morning it was fine

  • I've had a rubbish day stuck inside on such a lovely day, but I suppose good on the work front... You can't have it all eh?
    I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder Q, hope it eases off.

    I've eaten like a dustbin today... Shoved anything resembling food to hand in my mouth and probably eaten enough for 3 people. I'm always like this after heavy weight lifting sessions... Sure I'll be fine tomorrow!

    Roll on the weekend. It's felt a 4 month week not a 4 day week!!!
  • Hi all.  Glad to hear I am not the only one who thinks they need to lose a few pounds (although I am sure you're all lovely and slim really) - in some ways I think it would be easier if I had a couple of stone to lose and shocking eating habbits, when in reality it's only a couple of pounds and I eat fairly well already.  Picking during the day is my main downfall - especially when I'm bored at work!  Ditching the wine would probably sort me out altogether but like Min I'm keeping it as a treat!

    Hope the shoulder gets better soon Q.

    Was the 5km PB part of a tri RP?  If so I am even more in awe of you!

    Are people racing this weekend?  If so lots and lots of luck to you all.  May be a bit of a hot one I think!

    I'm running again now but finding it a bit tough - not sure if it's just post-marathon fatigue (although surely that should be gone by now?) or I did have a bit of a cold so might just be post viral.  Luckily I have lots of time to recover now and am just enjoying running because I enjoy it which feels great!

  • It's the weeeeeeeeeeeeeekend already image (nearly)

    morning all

  • hello image

    BecX yes the 5k was part of the tri and my hat goes off to you, I still need to break the 4 hr mark for the marathon...hopefully it will be my year!

    Min all set for Sunday?


    Look at me, leading the pack image
  • Great piccy Min. Did you have a good time at the picnic?
  • Picnic was fab Cabbey - far too much food, as always but good company and lots of laughs image.

    How was your weekend?

  • Fab photo Min...looking very fit!

  •  great pic min
  • Fabulous photo Min - you look like you're having a stroll in the park!  You must be on for sub 4 hours RP - pretty sure you're faster than me at every other distance so if I can do it I know you can!  What's the Outlaw run leg like as a course?  PB potential??

    I now have a proper cold which does at least explain why running has felt so tough.  Having a few more easy days to recover.  Hoping I feel better soon as I am itching to get back into proper training - plan is to focus on the shorter stuff for a while see if I can develop some speed!

  • only 18½ weeks til hamsterjam so i trust everyone has their training schedules all sorted image.

    No sneezing over the thread please BecX - keep them germs to yourself!  But wishing you a speedy recovery.

    How's the shoulder Q?

    How're you doing Mad?  How's your foot?

  •  morning all

     shoulders aches on a morning and long runs but on shorter runs its ok

  • Morning

    I was just thinking about it only being 18 weeks ish to the marathon Min. I sorted a programme out for Big Abbs and he seemed surprised at all the work he has to do for a sub 4.... welcome to real world my dear image Maybe there will be Becx, RP and Big Abbs all running together eh? Save me a seat for when I finally plod in on a run/walk strategy please image

    Try going in a sauna Q... maybe the heat will help it a bit

    Healing vibes sent in your direction too Becx

  • Hello all, just chilling before I go out and do a 20 milerimage

    BecX the outlaw run leg is potentially a P.B course as it is reasonably flat and is a 3 loop course, lots of support as well!

  • You back yet RP? image

    Just off to attempt a bimble with Odie in my new x-socks, courtesy of Cabbey image

  •  did you have a good run min
  • still too much like hard work for my liking Q!  but the socks were good image
  • just off to londonium for the weekend with an old girlfriend so i expect much consumption of bubbles image

    hope everyone has a good weekend, see you monday *waves*

  • Have a good one Min... We are off to Leeds for mucho champagne too image
  • And I am sulking as I'm still full of a cold (don't worry I am holding my breath to protect thread from germs!)  Hope you all have fabulous weekends (and enjoy all the champers ladies!)
  • Min I did get back from the run but it was last run for this week as OH has b*ggered off to Bala for the weekend to do a triathlon, so I am home alone with the

  • Are you still sane RP?!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend as i did!

    Happy Anniversary Cabbey and Taggy Gee image

  • Thank you Min and thanks for your card image

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