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  • Happy Anniversary Cabby and Taggy Geeimage..hope you had a lovely weekend!
  • i'm sane but only just!

  • happy anniversary cabbey and taggy gee
  • Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Cabbey (I maintain that is your actual name).

    Glad no-one is actually insane and that weekends were good all round.  

    Apparently my cold is not a cold at all but a sinus infection.  I now have antibiotics and am already starting to feel more human.  Might even be able to get back to running some time this week!

  • Awwww, thank you everyone image
    Becx, sorry to hear you're still a bit under the weather. My ears feel a bit dodgey and I thought it was because I had programmed hearing aids up and deafened myself but maybe not image Anyway, I have a fibre optic camera in the branch so I will do a bit of video otoscopy today on myself and make sure I don't have any infection.

    I'm so tired today!!!!
  • being back to docs this morning now getting referred to the physio
  • How long will you have to wait for physio Q?
  • got a phone appointment this afternoon then see what they come up with
  • Hope you get some good news Q
  • Q fingers crossed
  •  had my consultation by phone and they've decided to send me some exercises and make an appointment to see them in person
  • Morning allimage

    Hope you don't have to wait too long for an appointment Q

    Is everyone well?

  • Morning image

    I'm tired today... looking forward to hometime!

  •  evening all

     the exercises arrived on saturday

     spent nearly 3 hours at the ante-natel clinic with my daughter this afternoon, got stuck with the tennis on tv

  • Hello all!  Hope everyone's well.  How are the exercises going Q?

    Feeling much better myself.  Antibiotics have cleared the infection so I no longer feel as though my head might explode at least even though I still have the remnants of the cold.  Back to running although I have lost fitness.  Managed to get back into the 24 minutes at parkrun on Saturday (just) one of those odd runs where I was a whole minute off my PB but oddly managed the best finish position I've had yet (4th lady!)

    Anyone have any exciting news??

  • No, fraid not Bec image

    Morning all. I'm feeling abit more awake today, thank heavens. Could have slept all day yesterday. How I managed a run last night is still beyond me!

    Hope the exercises are going well Q, and glad your infection is on it's way out Bec

  •  no exciting news here

     it's early days with the exercises

  •  morning all

     ran this morning, felt better than yesterday

  • that's good Q image

    morning all image

  • morning all image

    BecX - you're not allowed to do the HM in hamsterjam - it's the full all the way for you m'dear!

    hope everyone is well

  •  evening all

     good news, all the puppies have been sold subject to comfimation and deposits paid

  • Nice one Q - the drinks are on you then!

    It's Friday and it's Harry-time image

  • Good news Q..the puppies are adorable!

    Min...have fun!

    I am taking my daughter to see the chinese doctor who has been treating my husband for a while (I have acupunture occasioanlly as well). I don't think my daughter wil go for acupunture, but some chinese herbal medicine may help!

  •  more good news my appointment has come through for july 13
  • Hi all.  I think I might nearly be at the end of this stupid cold/ virus/ infection.  Did have a nosebleed yesterday which is a new symptom!  Think it's all the yucky stuff clearing from my sinuses.  Given Min has banned me from running the half at Amsterdam I probably need to get back into training pronto.  Will attempt something "long" tomorrow (at the moment long is over 6 miles!)  I was 8th lady at parkrun today - desperate for the loo all the way round as the toilets were shut much to my distress which really slowed me down!

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend.  I can drink again now the antibiotics are all done so wondering when I can start on the wine....

  • morning all image

    hope you had a few wee drinkies this weekend BecX - i know i did image

  • too hotimage
  • Evening all.

    I got soaked on my run today... brand new bloomin trainers on too, which are now on top of cold radiators trying to dry out image

  •  it's too hot here as well
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