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  • Second week in a row that it started to rain just as my track session began - both times after the rest of the day was glorious!  At least it's not hot any more image.  Had to have a soak in the bath when I got in to warm myself up.

    Managed a hard if not long run yesterday - it was hot so couldn't face the miles - lots of hills and all off-road.  Was very overgrown in places - got scratched and stung forging my way through the nettles and brambles.  My legs look like I lost a fight with a tiger!  First run in a while I've really enjoyed even though the pace was shocking.

    Cabbey - I've been nosing at your piccies on FB of Lincoln.  Isn't he gorgeous!  How big is he now?

    Hope everyone had a good Monday.  Four days to the weekend!

  •  morning all

     forecast for heavy rain today so going for an early run

  • Morning all.
    I could barely get out of bed this morning I was so tired, I'm like a zombie at the moment. Intervals today will probably finish me off!

    Well done on the hilly run Becx. Lincoln is fairly big and scary looking now. You get the people who know him and don't flacker when he's out for a walk and then people who don't know him and pick their little dogs up... In fairness, I don't think Lincoln would eat them image Hes very loving ... More so when he's tired image

    Morning Q, how is your shoulder?
  • Morning all image
  •  shoulders not brilliant today but still better than it was a few weeks ago
  • image to not being brilliant but image to being betterer than it was
  •  morning all, looking like a nice day today

  • Morning. image
    I have succumbed and bought a pink tutu for Sundays R4L with my mam. Quite funny, I rang her and told her I had bought her a tutu (she said previously she didn't really want to wear one), she replied... Oh, good, I've been looking all over for a nice one! Bloody indecisive women image
  •  morning all

     an early run as it's a busy day today sorting the puppies out ready to go tomorrow

  • Puppies are ready to go already Q?

    That has come round fast!

  •  it doesn't seem that quick here cabbey especially with 5 puppies running riot around the house image
  •  morning all
  • morning Q and all image.  T'is Friday and t'is the rents' golden anniversary image so we're heading oop north to celebrate.

    have a good weekend one and all

  •  morning all

     hope you had a good weekend min

  • Fab weekend thanks Q image

    Have all the puppies gone now?  must be very quiet chez mr & mrs q now!

  • Hi all,

    Cabbey nice tutu and nice socks!! ;0)

    Q peace reigns huh?!

    Do you think it is against the law to sell my kids? I could do with some peace!!

  •   all the puppies have gone now and its nice and peaceful here image

     once tried to give our kids to banardo's when they came collecting a lot of years agoimage

  • Fab pictures Cabbey - did Lincoln run as well or was he there to cheer?

    Sure selling kids is fine RP.  Are you not missing the puppies Q?

    Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshiney weekend.  I had forgotten how tough it is running in the heat - had to have what felt like 3 million breaks on my Sunday long run (up to a stunning 9 miles!)

  •  morning all

  • Afternoon all image

    I'm feeling extra cheery today after entering a race.... motivation booster... I seem to have got "the lurgy" from one of you (didn't RP pass it on to Min at first?)

    Thanks for the kind comments on the tutu image The socks were good (thanks Min), although I would actually need to run in them first, as trainer ankle socks would probably have felt ok what with walking most of the R4L... it was a horrible horrible course!

  • BTW... lurgy refers to lack of motivation... not race entering image
  • Cabbey Yep I had it first, I feel another dose coming on, this heat has been awful to run in, BecX made me feel a bit better with her post, I thought it was me being a wimp when I ground to a halt today and walked. I  have my fingers crossed for cooler weather for 2 weeks on Sunday.

    The ladies in a street I post held a charity 'strawberry tea' today, the cakes were lovelyimage

  • It's been so hard to keep up with everything the past few weeks/months, I'm sorry I've not managed to get on here so much.  Work has been manic (but good manic - 6months into the new job and I feel like I'm making a difference and earning my keep), then there's the allotment which is like a small child needing attention all of the time, and I'm trying to run as and when I can!  Today though I'm going on holiday so M has brought me into his work as we're going straight from here later today.  So I get to see the workings of the college staff room - it's chaotic, I'm telling you!!  I hope you're all well - I see some mojo's have gone awol at the moment...I hope you all find them again soon, try the cupboard under the stairs behind the trainers....

    I've packed my running kit so while M is working (it's a work trip for him, a holiday for me - although he's only got 2-3 hours work to do in the week!) I can head out for a run and try my noo shoos (Mizuno's with no orthotics - got the on Monday so I'm hoping they'll be ok).  And I'll get to log a run abroad on the old Garmin - there's incentive for me!

    Have a good week everyone image

  • Have a great trip Pegg image
  •  have a good holiday pegg
  • Happy holidays Pegg!

    Amused that my hideous run at the weekend at least cheered RP up.  Sometimes it's good to know that we all struggle with this running lark from time to time.  I was on such a high pre and immediately post-marathon it was never going to last - I keep telling myself I've had periods where I've struggled before and I do come through them!  Had a better run than of late last night.  Last minute entry into a ladies only 5km with some clubmates and managed to get back into the 24 minutes (24.40 so safely in as well) despite it being mostly trail with a couple of bottle-necks on narrow paths and one or two little hillocks!  Considering trying for a double figured long run this weekend!

    Happy weekends all!

  •  morning all

     managed to have a lie in for the first time in months

     have a good weekend everyone

  • can someone do my traithlon this weekend, I have a big dose of CBA's
  •  i would RP but i can't swim very well and i haven't got a bike image
  • Ummmm same as Q here really RP - I could do the run bit for you but couldn't promise even that would be good!

    Hope you enjoyed the lie in Q.  

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