Pony Express 2-Day Ultra

Just completed this two day event (2 x 30 miles), & had a great time running in the New Forest. Organisation was brilliant with superb support & cameraderie...cannot believe that until the Around the Isle of Wight Ultra last June that I had never thought I was capable at aged 55 of multi day marathon/ultra running.

Now after a number of 2- day events & 2 x 3- day events (Atlantic & Jurassic Challenges), I'm totally hooked on pushing back those self-perceived boundaries!

If I can give them a go, anyone can!


  • I really wanted to do this, but I had already signed up for something else image.  I know the organisation and frienship of Neil's events are fantastic.  Will be signing up for The Toad.  I'm 62 so if I can do it....
  • I had a peek at the Pilgrims Challenge for next year, and emailed Neil to find out if there was a cut off time. He was charming and suggested I would be fine. My fastest marathon is 4.55, so I am slow, and that was on a flat course. Are these events mainly run by super fit machines, or are there plenty of people looking to survive as well?
  • I am slower than slow (a sub 5 mara in my dreams imageimage). Neil and crew are very kind about cut off times.  Last year on day 1 of Pilgrims' - due to a lot probs got to penutimate cut off at 6.45p.m - instead of supposed 5.30 - was still allowed to continue to finish and arrived just before 10pm.

    Day 2 and 3 might be a bit less accomodating as have to be bussed to overnight stay from end of Day 2 and on Day 3 they need to pack up and return vans etc. to base.  Go for it!! (Be you ever so slow there will - probably - be a Bear Behind you).

  • Looking at your race entries BBH, can see we both have a love for Beachy! I have entered the Solaman South Downs Marathon in June and really enjoy the off road events.

    Have not raced longer than 26 miles, so I doubt there would be a Bear Behind, more like along side, discussing if we would make it back in time for tea! Other wise lets order in pizza or Chinese.

    Looked at the Toad Challenge, looks great, but might be a bit of an ask for me this year. Are you entering Pilgrims next year, and I am undecided as to whether you are male or female?
  • Slow old lady bear (hence fluffy red heart) - will be entering Pilgrims' if survive this year's races (I use the term very loosely).  Mine will be a cider and chips image.

  • Having just had a fabulous time doing The Pilgrims Challenge, now thinking about The Pony Express.

    Bearing in mind I went in the wrong direction once on The Pilgrims, and that was signed posted, how easy is it to stay on course at The Pony Express. Website says they put down signs, but then go on to say that the forest is a big place to get lost in!!!

    So for a directionally challenged person, will I make it round PE, or would a gps download on my garmin 305 work, or do I need to purchase a hand held fabby gps system?

    Any advise gratefully received.
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